In-app Messaging and Chat SDK with Audio/Video Calling APIs for Mobile & Web Apps

Chat UI built using Applozic Chat SDK

The complete toolkit to give your product a rich conversational interface

Messaging is the native UX of mobile. A non-intrusive form of communication, it also boosts User Engagement and Retention. Power cross-device, multi-platform communication with Applozic Chat SDK and Messaging API.

  • One-to-One Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Audio/Video Calling
  • Bot Integration
  • Message Broadcasting
  • Rich Multimedia Support
  • Smart Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Offline Fallback Mechanism
  • Send any size Attachments
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In-app Chat and Messaging Use Cases

Choose from among the endless possibilities of messaging for your specific indstry

Real-time Buyer Seller Chat

Move prospects faster through the sales funnel by equipping your app with conversational commerce. Bring back the human touch of retail commerce to your online stores by addressing all human factors.

  • Concierge Shopping
  • Social Shopping
  • Customer Support
Real-time Buyer Seller Chat

Messaging for On-Demand Apps

Build context in customer communication with conversations deep rooted into user activity. Garner all user data and have cruise control on every aspect of customer communication. At the same time maintain complete user anonymity with IP-Messaging and IP-Calling.

  • In-app Support
  • Real-time Updates
  • User-Service Provider Chat
Messaging for On-Demand Apps

In-app Customer Support Chat

Transform Customer Support from Voice Calls to IP-Messaging. Delight your users with the convenience and spontaneity of real-time chat while seeking support.

  • Bot Integration
  • Proactive Contextual Help
  • Agent - User Chat
In-app Customer Support Chat

In-app Messaging for Event & Communities

Bring connectivity across all event stakeholders. Build a thriving community with the right tools to power active collaboration.

  • Event Organiser to participant chat
  • Open & Closed forums
  • Message Broadcasting for major announcements
  • One-to-one & Group Chat
In-app Messaging for Event & Communities

Secure Healthcare Messaging

Build a connected healthcare ecosystem. Ensure efficient post-hospitalisation care and reduce medical errors with active collaboration between all stakeholders in a patient's care team.

  • Doctor Patient Chat
  • Telemdicine platform
  • Realtime transfer of all medical files
  • Patient centric group conversations
Secure Healthcare Messaging

Online Collaboration across organizations

Secure all internal communication with a white label communication app for your all your company's employees. On-premise deployment ensures data privacy so that all your confidential information stays only with you.

  • P2P and Group Messaging
  • One touch Audio/Video Calling
  • Send any attachment, any size
  • Push all key updates acrooss the organization with Broadcast Messaging
Online Collaboration across organizations

In-app Chat for Remote Workforce

Improve the efficiency of Field Service professionals by giving them access to training resources on the go. Simultaneously close the skill gap between your workforce by connecting them to seasoned employees via chat and messaging.

  • Trigger all relevant information for anytime access
  • Accelerate on-site issue resolution with remote expert guidance
  • Share files with teammates on chat
  • Secure all confidential data with on-prem deployment
In-app Chat for Remote Workforce

Live Streaming Chat

Keep your viewers glued to your streaming video content with the right tools of communication. Chat Channels during broadcasts not only builds engagement, but also enhances the user’s experience.

Imagine watching sports, without the regular banter or that occassional jibe at your rival's fans.

  • Infinitely scalable Live Chat Channels
  • Moderation Controls
  • Profanity filters

Secure Messaging for Fintech & Banking

Bring the trust and reliability of a personal banker to your online product.

  • Advisor Investor Chat
  • P2P currency transfer
  • Chatbot Banking
  • Smart Cards to show fund performance and catalogue
Secure Messaging for Fintech & Banking

Innovate, Don't Reinvent

Go to market quickly and economically with a whitelabeled messaging platform seamlessly integrated in your product. Applozic comes with completely managed infrastructure. We handle servers, scaling, maintenance and everything else so that you can focus on your core product and leave the messaging part to us.

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Saved 10-12 Months of Development Cost

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Increase in User Engagement

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2 %

Increase in Overall Screen Views

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Increase in Lead Generation

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1 M+

Chats per day

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Requests per month


Businesses leverage Messaging to increase user engagement, boost retention, expedite transactions and to enhance operational efficiency. Irrespective of the nature of your business, Applozic chat SDK and API can help you build, just what your users need.

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Best Practices

Messaging is a critical cog in your overall product architecture. Don't settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to defining its UX. The Messaging Best Practices Guide is designed to help you at every step in your product strategy.

Messaging Best Practices Guide

"Building a robust, intuitive and feature loaded and a dedicated team to support comprehensive messaging system would have taken few months. The team at Applozic made integration a breeze and with their messaging platform, we were able to build something quickly that serves our millions of users; it works great and looks great too."

Puneet Kukreja

Associate Product Head,

"We (YogaTrail) integrated Applozic recently in our platform (web and mobile). Super easy, powerful addition to our site, and we love the Applozic Team - they couldn't be more responsive and helpful! Highly recommend them, and would invest if I was an investor :)"

Alex Klein

CEO, YogaTrail

"The flexibility & customizability of Applozic's SDKs are wonderful. We could build exactly what we want, in much less time than what we thought it would take."

Eugene Stetsko

VP Tech & R&D, The8App




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