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Chat SDKs and Messaging APIs to build Realtime Messaging

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Built for developers. Trusted by businesses.

We built Applozic for creators like you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Applozic provides a comprehensive set of Chat SDKs and easy-to-use APIs so that you can build and iterate quickly. Running on the cloud, the infrastructure is always available, continuously upgraded and auto-scales to meet your needs.

Compatible on all platforms. Works everywhere.

Applozic Chat SDKs and Messaging APIs are available for all native and hybrid platforms. Easily add 1-1 and group chat to your web and mobile apps with all the essential components like online status indicator, message storage, rich media, notifications, typing indicator, timestamps and more.

                            let user = ALUser()
                    user.userId = "userid" //pass the login userId
                    user.displayName = "Demo UserName" // User's Display Name   
                    //Pass applicationKey here 
                    var applozicClient = ApplozicClient(applicationKey: "Application key") as ApplozicClient 
                        applozicClient.loginUser(user, withCompletion: { response, error in
                    if error == nil {
                        print("Login success")
                        let alMessage ={ alMessageBuilder in
                            alMessageBuilder?.to = "userId" //pass userId to whom you want to send a message
                            alMessageBuilder?.message = "Message text here" // Pass message text         
                        applozicClient.sendTextMessage(alMessage, withCompletion: { (alMessage,   error) in
                        if(error == nil){
                            //Success }
                                // Initialize Applozic with your application key.
                                Applozic.init(context, applicationKey);
                                User user = new User();
                                user.setDisplayName(“Demo display name”);
                                // Register user to applozic
                                Applozic.connectUser(context, user, new AlLoginHandler() {
                                   public void onSuccess(RegistrationResponse registrationResponse, Context context) {
                                       //Send message to any user using unique userId
                                       new MessageBuilder(context).setMessage("Hello there").setTo(“userId”).send();
                                   public void onFailure(RegistrationResponse registrationResponse, Exception exception) {
                            (function(d, m){var s, h;
                                s = document.createElement("script");
                                s.type = "text/javascript";
                                m.init=function(t){m._globals=t;}})(document, window.applozic || {});
                                 appId: 'applozic-sample-app',  //Get your application key from
                                 userId: 'applozic-Demo',       //Logged in user's id, a unique identifier for user
                                 userName: 'applozic-Demo',     //User's display name
                                 onInit : function(response) {
                                    if (response === "success") {
                                       // login successful, perform your actions if any
                                    } else {
                                       // error in user login/register (you can hide chat button or refresh page)
                                var alUser = {
                                    'userId' : "userId",   //Put userId here
                                    'authenticationTypeId' : 1,
                                    'displayName': "demo display name",
                                    'applicationId' : 'Application key',  //Put application key here
                                    'deviceApnsType' : 0    //Set 0 for Development and 1 for Distribution (Release)
                                applozic.login(alUser,() => {
                                   applozic.launchChat(null, () => {}, () => {});
                                 }, () => {});
                                var ApplozicChat = NativeModules.ApplozicChat;
                                                   'userId': "userId", 
                                                   'displayName': "demo Display Name",
                                                   'applicationId': "Application Id"
                                                    'deviceApnsType': 0
                                               }, (error, response) => {
                                import requests
                                import os
                                import json
                                data = {
                                  'to':'John',  #UserId to which you want to send message
                                  'message':'Hi John' #Text Message
                                headers = {'Authorization': 'Authentication is done using BASIC authentication.Basic Base64Encode of 'userId:deviceKey'',
                                           'Application-Key':'Your Application Key',
                                r =, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data))

Chat solution for every industry.

Applozic comes with completely modular, programmable messaging building blocks so that you can build exactly what you want, the way you want.

E-Commerce & Marketplaces
Events & Communities

Messaging solution for e-Commerce and Marketplaces

Reach customers when the intent of purchase is highest
Increase average order size with personalized recommendations
Smart actionable messages to drive in-conversation transactions
Build trust with real-time reviews and ratings
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Increase in leads
Increase in session length
Increase in screen views

Chat solution for Healthcare apps

Improve care coordination with public and private chatrooms
Doctor-patient chat for remote patient care and effective drug
Increase patient acquisition with actionable messages and bot integration
How does next Tuesday work for an appointment? Absolutely! Please schedule an appointment for 2:00pm. Thanks! See you on Tuesday. Event : Appointment Doctor: James Myers Patient: Sara Wilson Date: 9th October,2018 Time: 2:00 PM
Reduced inpatient length of stay
Improved treatment efficacy

Messaging platform for Banking and Finance

Lower customer drop-off rates by answering questions instantly
Delight users with personalized answers to financial questions
Frictionless mix of bot and human interaction
Reduction in customer drop-off rates

Chat solution to keep your users connected on the go

Build engagement with real-time user-to-user chat
Make announcements or send alerts with message broadcasts
Supports multiple group types for every unique use-case
Send photos videos and other file types with chat messages
Increase in engagement
Saved Development Capital

World’s most innovative companies trust Applozic for their in-app messaging needs

Applozic In-app Messaging APIs power chat in more than 10,000 applications and loved by over 150,000 developers.

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