The greatest asset for a salesperson is the ability to drive engaging conversations with predetermined objectives in mind. Sales conversations can be challenging if not thought out well, yet they will make or break a business relationship. Your objective is to attract, nurture, convert leads, and retain accounts. 

First touch messages are tailored towards earning the customer’s trust because once you achieve this, you have them in your corner. Make sure the time and location are right and prepare a good first touch message to lead your conversation. 

Here are 10 B2B first touch messages to ensure better conversations and also boost brand engagement when doing sales

1. How can we assist you?

This is a tried and tested opening greeting, especially to call-in prospects or visiting customers. This first touch greeting invites the customer to discuss their needs in an atmosphere that makes them feel valued. 

It volunteers assistance to the customer or prospect before they ask for it and, in the process, makes them feel comfortable. This is a great way to set the mood for better conversations with your clients, paving the way for good business.

2. It has been a while, how is business doing?

Alternatively, “How is our product serving you so far?” “Need any assistance” People love a good relationship even in formal business settings. As much as B2B is a corporate engagement, business is still conducted through human representation. 

Show genuine concern for their business before suggesting solutions that might get you sales. This show of concern invites the customer to open up and talk about themselves/business, thereby paving the way for a better and fruitful conversation.

3. That was a great event, how did you manage?

This question flatters the customer and opens the way for a relaxed conversation. You know that the event required services/products you offer and invoking it is a great way of creating rapport with the customer. 

The customer will be excited to tell you all about the event, including the challenges they faced. Congratulate as you empathize and offer suggestions that will eventually lead to your products or services besides forging a strong business relationship.

4. There is this product, have you ever used it?

You know what you are offering is right for the customer and want to generate his or her interest. This question creates curiosity in the customer and leads to a request for further explanation or demonstration. 

This is an open invitation that you can leverage to ensure a better and fruitful conversational marketing strategy. The approach works well with prior knowledge of the customer’s needs and matching those with the product or service.

5. What do you think of these two?

Both products fall in the line of business the customer is engaged in and by asking their opinion, it shows concern. You get a better conversation when you let the customer talk about himself or herself or seek their expert knowledge without thinking you have guided the talk. 

6. We are launching the “XY” product, what do you think of it?

This question invites the customer to comment on your product or service, creating an opportunity for deeper conversational engagement. Based on experience, the customer could point out flaws in your product that need improvement, if any or conversely, they could place an order for their business. 

It helps in great conversations with customers to appreciate their experience and superior knowledge in their field and to leverage this to your advantage.

7. How can we improve on products to serve you better?

This approach is good for follow up visits and guarantees a better conversation. Showing after-sales concern demonstrates reliability in B2B relationships and promotes good business. 

Engaging your customer this way locks out competition securing your account. The customer is assured that they can call any time there is a problem with your product for help. This also lays the foundation for customer loyalty and ensures better conversations every time you engage. 

8. Could we feature you on our site?

This is a great first touch message that boosts the esteem of your customers while automatically establishing a bond and a sense of belonging. It will open doors to a fantastic conversation as you discuss the proposed feature and will allow understanding your customers better. 

The customer stands to gain immensely from the free advertisement of their products on your site and this will have them thinking on how to return the favor.

9. We have this product, thought it might interest you

This opening prompts the customer to ask for clarification and detailed information to understand what it is you present. When the customer’s interest is raised, it makes conversation a lot easier as you follow their lead by answering questions and offering explanations. 

The opening here raises fundamental questions, the what and the why. The customer will want to know what product you are offering and why you think it is good for them.

10. How is your project coming along?

Showing interest in an existing customer or a prospect is a great first touch for better conversations. Everyone loves to discuss projects he or she is doing and your customer is no exception. 

This will make a very engaging conversation that you can leverage to introduce your products in this relaxed mood. Ever wondered why more deals are closed in the clubhouse than at the CEO’s office? It is the relaxed atmosphere and the rapport generated.


Face to face conversations and live chats must be friendly, accommodative, and structured if you hope to grow your B2B sales. For better results dealing with B2B customers, avoid the classic sales pitch and start instead from a more informal angle to create a relaxed mood that does not put pressure on your customer or prospect. As a business, they are used to dealing with multiple salespersons and their first instinct is to put you off. 

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