Myths and realities of BigData

Myths and realities of BigData – exported from Medium

I often get asked about “BigData”… not just from people with technology background, but increasing from people who are not from technology. There is a lot of curiosity about this topic and often a lot of myths. So, I decided to write this for a non-technical audience. If you are a techie, you will most likely find this quite elementary. Here it goes…

Let’s do a little thought experiment?—?you go to a mall on a busy weekend; it’s very crowded, you visit multiple shops, browse through a few racks of clothes, try out a few of the outfits, put items in your shopping basket, stand in a long checkout queue, after waiting in the line for ten minutes, you abandon the checkout. Then you go and have a meal at the food court, on the way bumping into a few friends of yours and exchange a few pleasantries.

It will be virtually impossible for anyone to keep track of yours or hundreds of other people’s activities at the mall. In a way, you are mostly invisible. Contrast that experience with that of the digital world, where you go through a few websites (or apps) on an above mentioned shopping journey. It’s quite likely that each of your activities and actions are recorded and logged (often multiple times with multiple entities?—? Read More

Mobile app rentention and engagement strategies

Users quite often install and uninstall apps on their phones. But, there are very few apps which they don’t uninstall. There can be various parameters behind it, can be their likeliness towards the app or it’s more engaging or has a great community to interact. But remember, not all apps have these cool stuff which aligns with the interests of the user.

In the recent past, most of the online businesses are clueless on what is making the user leave their platform and facing few of the below problems.

High app uninstalls!

Image Source: Google Analytics

Dip in user engagement and retention 🙁

Image source:, Mobile App Marketing, App Retention, and building Real Customer Relationships

Most of the businesses are exploring various options to engage or connect the users of their app. On top, everyone wants to decrease the uninstall rates of their app and avoiding this is a major concern now!

Here are few simple steps which a business (with an app or website) could follow to solve the aforementioned problems. Read More