Enhance user experience with real time communication

Online shoppers today on any e-commerce site, be it on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other site across the world rely completely on reviews and count them equivalent to a personal recommendation. Due to a greater affinity of users towards reviews, we see e-commerce giants having review system as a must-have feature for all the products displayed on their platform so as to give an in-depth analysis of the product to the consumer who intends to buy. If we get into the stats, it is estimated that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, this was revealed in a survey taken by Brightlocal (infographics below).

(source: Brightlocal)

Thus, user reviews today helps as a catalyst to drive sales, gives rich user experience, user satisfaction, and loyalty.

To add something more to it – by embedding real-time messaging invites the organization to power their users with real-time review option via real-time communication. The dependency on reviews which raises apprehensions in users mind such as for being old and biased can be minimized. For instance, let’s consider that I am buying an Air Conditioner (AC) and one of the users who bought it has given a review after 3 months of product purchase saying it was good and worth the investment etc and today it has been 2 years since she purchased the product. But here, I am looking for a sustainable AC which lasts for long, hence, would want to know what are her views on the AC today (after 2 years of its purchase). I am sure, this kind of query must have struck/be running among various online shoppers. And, I believe this is where the real time messaging helps in connecting the prospective buyer with the existing buyer on real time basis. Given that a platform has a real-time communication feature, it will solve the purpose of millions of users who are facing this apprehension today and one would certainly tag it as a rich user experience once it comes into existence.

So how will it work?

  • A potential buyer can approach the user who has already brought the product.
  • Potential buyers can form a group and interact among themselves.
  • Existing buyers will guide the potential buyers on a real time basis
  • Online shoppers/buyers can interact with sellers and clear any doubts one might have.

What will it solve?

  • No longer online shoppers will feel that this is a biased or a paid review.
  • A potential buyer can get feedback from the existing customer about the product or can interact with the sellers offering the product.
  • It will make buyers feel better and helps in taking quicker decisions.
  • It will make an application/website an interesting place to shop.

(source: nerdsacademyl)

With the rise in competition wherein user experience is a great force it becomes imperative for every application to have an established real-time communication channel. On top, it is just matter of minutes to integrate such an awesome user-friendly functionalities/features with readily available chat and messaging SDKs like Applozic.

How to build typing indicator in android/iOS chat app?

Typing indicator“Clement is typing…”

Have you ever kept staring at your mobile screen waiting for the other person’s reply while she is typing…



With the rise of instant chat, we see this daily in one platform or the other. Typing indicator makes you aware that the other person is responding to your message. In case, you are planning to build on your own instead, you can try Applozic for free which has all these inbuilt features for your use.
However, if you are 3 steps away to implement typing indicator in your chat app and they are below: Continue reading