WhatsApp Encrypted: What should you do next?

We all know, WhatsApp, an Instant Messaging app has revolutionized one-to-one and group chat since its inception in January 2010. Soon, multiple Start-ups and SME’s understood its potential and made it an imperative part of their everyday functions. Organizations started utilizing it for chat/messaging and in increasing customer engagement. IP Read more…

By Syed Zainul, ago

Contacts UI, Contacts Framework and create VCard(VCF) in Objective-C

From iOS 9+ version AddressBookUI.framework and Addressbook.framework becomes deprecated. Apple introduced ContactUI.framework and Contact.framework with enhancements over AddressBookUI.framework and Addressbook.framework. In this blog we will talk about how to use these two new frameworks and export VCard. Let’s start picking contact from phone contacts and access basic information of that Read more…