3 reasons why you should integrate in-app messaging with your mobile commerce

We are living in the era of conversational marketing where we all are trying hard to strike a conversation with our users and engage them. In order to strive this cut throat competition,one needs to focus on building customer loyalty while acquiring new customers.
We know that the rise in mobile penetration across the globe has provided us the access to numerous untapped markets. In fact, it is estimated that by 2017, mobile commerce would be worth $700 billion.

Marketers are scouting for ways to multiply their customer base and loyalty rates. In a study conducted by Localytics, it was found that “75% of users churn their app within 90 days”, approves that engagement and retention still remains a daunting task. One needs to decipher ways to make your users belong to the 25% bracket. Having a real time based in-app messaging has been one of the best solution in this domain.

Recent studies has grounded the potential of real time in-app messaging firmly. Researchers have deciphered some great statistics (see the links below) shows why it should be top product improvement agenda and how in-app messaging is a great way to drive conversions.

Let us have a look!

# 1: It is estimated that in-app messaging boosts engagement by 3X!
       Yes, you read it right. Three times!

# 2: In-app messaging increases the app launch by 27%.
       A customer would love to get back to your app again and again

Wasn’t these reasons sufficient to integrate in-app messaging in your app?
If the answer is still No, then remember this,

#3: In-app messaging has ability to drive increase in your conversions rate upto 4X!
       Yes, 4 times increase in customers and revenue.

By now, you know the outcomes of using real time in-app messaging but must be wondering how would one use it to attain such results.

  1. Use in-app messaging to reach to your customer base.
    Generally, you use email and push notifications for running marketing campaign for your existing customers. You are able to reach only to customers who have given you permission to contact them using those channels, but in-app messages can help you reach an even bigger proportion of your audience and at a time that they are likely to engage.
    So, you will have multi channel approach now. Remember:

Appboy_StateofIndustry_Sept15_BERLIN.014 (1)
(Image source: https://goo.gl/OLcp1g)

  1. Use in-app messaging to engage with highly targeted customers
    In-app messaging allows you to engage with users who are already using your app.If someone isn’t using your app or checking out your website, they’re not going to receive an in-app message from you. The audience you reach through in-app messaging are highly refined and are those you don’t need to convince to visit your app or website: they’re already there! They will include your loyal base, some first time visitors who wish to know more about your brand and some in between these extremes. So here, you try and engage your interested audience and remember, you are not interrupting but trying to create a user experience.
  1. Use in-app messaging to provide a website experience
    Imagine a new customer has just downloaded your app. He opens it and page pops up welcoming her. You can have an in-app messenger with relevant screenshots welcoming him and guiding him through the app. Also, he is made aware of how to keep his sensitive information intact. Not only this you can create short and sweet welcoming messages to make him feel involved and belonged. A human touch through real time in-app messaging will act as an icing to the cake.


Mobile commerce industry has magnified the importance of in-app messaging. Sooner or later, we are sure that in-app messaging will be part of every website and mobile apps. Also, with availability of messaging SDK’s like Applozic, integration is just matter of few minutes now.

Applozic is “feature-as-a-Service” for a complete communication solution. Think about any type of conversation 1-to-1, 1-to-many, group chat, context based chat etc, you have it all at one place. It is a platform that offers application to user messaging, cross application communication, SMS and Email fallback support along with Dashboard that has rich insights and analytics.

Eezyrent increased their closures 5X by enabling real time chat

favicon Eezyrent is a simple rent utility that helps you find space for rent, or a tenant / flatmate for your place –  10 times faster, and at less than 1/10th the cost. It completely eliminates the broker from the transaction. Eezyrent searches and finds accurate matches for you for free, and you can then get a 100% valid lease & license agreement registered & delivered to you for as little as Rs. 1000/-, from the comfort of your home or office, without visiting the registration office!

That’s Eezyrent for you! “0% brokerage, 100% ease” –  a broker-free marketplace for only end users – property owners and tenants – find each other, talk, and close the deal quicker, more reliably & more conveniently than ever before. Eezyrent has simplified the house renting for landlords and find the best match for tenants.Sample 01

“We wanted a ‘WhatsApp like’ messaging system integrated into our system. Applozic has been a real boon in that sense. Their product and support is fantastic. Devashish & team are true partners… they know their stuff, are good listeners & very easy to get along with… like one’s own team… would highly recommend without any reservations” – Hemant Kejriwal, Founder and CEO @Eezyrent  favicon


  • Users aren’t too keen to share their contact details with others unless prior to any relevance
  • Messaging wasn’t real time – users didn’t know if the people they message were online.
  • Furthermore, for the users to share images of their apartment, they had to fall back on emails – leading to delays,  fragmentation of the conversation across messages, emails & phone calls.
  • Property owners as a community are generally much older and relatively less tech savvy. Hence, all the friction was leading to delayed response which led to reduced communication… ultimately leading to fewer closures.
  • Consolidated conversation/agreements history.


  • Easy to use Real time chat/messaging for tenant-landlord communication while securing each party privacy.
  • Ability to chat with sms/email as fallback provided an end to end communication.
  • All the messages/attachments/conversations stored at one place.


  • Increased user base multi-folds with seamless communication
  • Both tenants and property owners are happy as they accomplish everything in real time and being at one place.
  • Eezyrent gets smart with data analytics to help people find their next rental house easily.