Effective communication is among the most critical aspects of the success of any business. All the more now in this hour of crisis. The rapid advancement of technology has made it possible for business managers and their team members to communicate easily and quickly on a wide variety of issues that affect the business.

Most business owners have embraced instant messaging in the workplace either to support traditional forms of communication or replace them. Instant messaging is real-time and similar to a telephone conversation; you can easily find text records. Plus, you can communicate with all members of your team without them moving around. It’s one of the best ways to get everyone on the same page.

You cannot replace face to face meetings with instant messaging entirely. But it’s one of the best types of formal communication that managers and supervisors can use to communicate with their teams. Let’s discuss the benefits of instant messaging and how you can make it more effective in the workplace.

Benefits of Instant Messaging

1.    Real-Time Yet Not Pressurizing

It facilitates quick communication between the initiator and recipient and this not only reduces response time but also leads to quick decision making. Also, when your team members are put on the spot such as a face to face meeting or a phone call, they may not make good decisions. Instant messaging subverts this pressure because the respondents can answer back at his or her will. The extra seconds or minutes needed to formulate a response can lead to some of the best decisions.

2.    Transparency For Informed Decision Making

As assignment help reports, transparency is a critical aspect of productivity in the workplace. Instant messaging enhances transparency by promoting regular communication and making superiors more approachable. If you have teams that work remotely, a video chat can help in promoting clarity which will ultimately enable you to coordinate projects efficiently, make informed decisions and foster teamwork and cooperation.

3. Reducing Not So Relevant Expenses

The use of instant messaging has reduced the number of business trips which in turn reduces travel expenditures such as flights, meals, and accommodation to name a few. Apart from reduced travel costs, it allows you to reexamine your costly phone plans, software, recruitment and hiring strategies and office space that you need. Group chats, file transfers, and video capabilities allow you to hold meetings, share important information in real-time, create presentations at very low costs.

How to make Instant messaging more effective

Now that you know the benefits of instant messaging for your business, let’s discuss some of the best ways that you can make instant messaging more effective.

1.    Use a platform which integrates well

Using different messaging platforms is a sure way to create confusion and misinterpretation which will ultimately lead to failure of the business. You should select a platform that can be used by everyone in the organization easily. It is important that you don’t create a new method for your employees to but standardize their existing platforms to avoid compatibility issues.

2.    Re-read before responding

It’s important to re-read information before responding to avoid misinterpreting or answering the wrong question. Once you’ve understood the question, type your answer and also re-read before hitting enter. It’s highly likely that you are a fast typer.

Since the brain operates faster than your fingers, you’ll find that you’ve left a word, combined two words or missed a letter. Taking a few extra seconds to read your response will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

3.    Discuss one thing at a time

It’s very easy to discuss three or four different things at a go while using instant messaging. To avoid confusion, misinterpretation and leaving out crucial information, tackle one thing at a time. Answer one question at a time and ensure you’ve finished that train of thought before going to the next one.

4.    Ask Before You Follow Up

When using instant messaging, we want our respondents to answer back immediately. Instead of sending a string of harmless messages every second, ask the respondent if it’s a good time to talk or when he or she can get back to you. The last thing you want to happen is to stop your colleagues from working to respond.

5.    Make use of your status

If the respondent’s status is Busy, don’t bother them. Let them be until they are free to talk back. You should also make use of your status. Don’t make yourself too available because you’ll be easily distracted and interrupted. When you don’t achieve your goals and objectives, guess who is going to suffer?


6.    Tell others what you’re doing

If your colleagues or superiors ask you a question that requires some research, let them know what you are doing first before disappearing. Nothing is as frustrating as sending someone a question and waiting for fifteen minutes only to realize they haven’t seen your question and you’ve just wasted fifteen precious minutes. Ouch!


Instant messaging is a tool. And like any other tool, it only works when we use it for its intended purpose. Instant messaging is here to increase your productivity; not to distract you. We’ve discussed its benefits and how you can make it more effective. Which tip are you going to use today?

About the author- Kurt Walker is a professional editor and copywriter at essay writer, personal statement writing service and assignment help in London for 3 years now. As a journalist, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in education, productivity and technologies.