“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity”- Stephen Hawking
The evolution of artificial intelligence is transforming all the major industries but there is growing apprehension about it also. The reasons are many but let us understand why we should not get carried  A number of us get carried with the buzzwords and don’t understand its significance for our needs.

In this article, we are trying to talk about the most used AI-based application- CHATBOTS.
All of us all are obsessed with our efforts to improve the way of interaction between companies and customers. A chatbot is one such example that imitates human conversations on a website for completing multiple kinds of tasks. It can be defined as software that can automate conversations with humans through a messaging database. The benefits served them are growing with each passing day, such as using a chatbot in marketing strategy.
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Apart from all its positive aspects and benefits such as progress in text and speech recognition, chatbot capacities are still at the initial stages. They are primarily capable of doing basic and limited functions as of today. However, with time they can be an effective way for growth and cost optimization.

Drawbacks of Chatbot

According to estimates, more than 65% of consumers used a chatbot for customer services around the world. The objective of any website is to build a strong brand and enhance its customer base to enhance their business. They put their best effort to engage their customers in such a way that they remain loyal. The use of chatbot has multiple benefits, but it has drawbacks at the same time, which may bring adverse effects on the business. Therefore a thorough and decisive approach must be adopted before investing in a chatbot.
Here a list of such drawbacks and shortcomings is briefly discussed:

  • The aspect of human interaction
    Human interaction is the key to building active customer engagement in business. A chatbot may perform better in some aspects like calculation or continuous work without getting tired or bored. Whereas in regards to customer services, humans have an edge as customers feel more approachable while talking to a person instead of a bot. 
    The visitors and users of your website would feel more connected when distinctly expressing their needs. If their first interaction is with a bot, they will be less likely to continue or bring any ratings to your site. The interactive activities without human involvement such as communication with customers decreases the conversion rate significantly for the website. The need for having a hybrid model where a human can take over as when needed is a must.
  • Presence of Over Complicated UI
    Simplicity is often considered to be the most difficult thing and so is loved by every Visitor. Avoid having too many questions to get them started. Having a simpler and straightforward process makes it easier for them to make quick decisions. Often time chatbot seems to have a complicated interface and require much more time to understand the need of a customer. In numerous cases, it reacts poorly in filtering the search results, which may end up losing a customer.
  • Incapable of understanding the query
    “The programming of a chatbot is limited to a certain number of queries and their possible search results. Due to this limitation, at times they are incapable of understanding the needs of a customer,” says Sarah Brooke, IT manager at Crowd Writer. They may get stuck or give an incorrect response if an incomplete or unsaved query is presented to them. This may create miscommunication or misunderstanding leading to customer dissatisfaction resulting in loss of sale. The ability for them to learn using AI-based intelligence is the best answer but it hasn’t yet so far.
    On the other hand, it also requires following a specific protocol before they suggest a result which may require multiple messages. This can be disturbing for the customer and prove to be an unsatisfied overall experience.
  • Time-Consuming to respond
    According to a recent study by  Zoom, 64% of customers expect to receive real-time assistance. This reflects the value of quick response at the time of interaction with customers.
    Time-saving was supposed to be the advantage of a chatbot as this was one of the primary purposes of creating them. It was programmed to deal with multiple customers simultaneously by speeding up the response and enhance customer engagement. However, a chatbot has limited availability of instructions and data which they need for responding to a customer query. These reasons become an obstacle for a chatbot to take more time to acknowledge a customer, which turns out to be more expensive.
  • Higher installation expense for custom bots
    Like a number of other businesses, you may also look for developing custom chatbots for your business as it can to reduce expenses of operation as it was created to assure 24/7 availability and do various tasks concurrently. But in contrast to humans, chatbot requires specific programming which is customized according to the needs of a website such as fulfilling the basic security checks for chat service. This custom programming increases the installation cost much higher.
  • Incompetence in making decisions
    “Chatbot is great in following instructions, but they are incompetent in making decisions to resolve unconventional queries by customers,” says Mark Patrick, head of the research department at King Essay. If it is exposed to anything out of their database, they would be unable to judge the complexity and authenticity of that content. It may happen that a customer is commenting on an inappropriate subject relating to politics, racism, or others. In this situation, a chatbot cannot deal in a decisive and practical approach.
    With all such unconventional and bizarre issues, it is crucial to assure that human interaction is present at some point in communication to eradicate these problems.
  • Weak memory to recall past conversations
    This also becomes a reason that Chatbots have become infamous. The value of having a strong customer and agent relation can bring more worth to any brand. The chatbot’s ability to self learn and remind is still in a nascent age. For instance, a customer contacts a site regarding speed issues at his home internet; the agent told him some basic troubleshooting. In case if the customer contacts again, the agent would remember him instantly and guides him other alternatives. This will increase trust and reliability for customers on the services of the website. Whereas, a chatbot would be unable to recall the past conversation, which would lead to tedious and unsatisfied customer experience.
    Therefore, the potential of a chatbot is currently limited to a certain section of customer experience so it is important that we contribute to tapping the untapped and uncovering its comprehensive benefits. 

Author Bio: 

John William is currently working as a Technical Writer at Australian Master. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. With his vast experience in this field, he possesses expertise in identifying a problem and coming up with a technological solution to fix it.