Push notifications are simply annoying. They interrupt you and most of the time you feel disappointed once you click on them. Even if you do not, they mostly just make you swipe to get rid of them and that is it.

However, they are necessary. How else would you know what is the weather like today or that a new episode of your favorite TV show was just released?

If you are a brand wondering how to make these interesting for your readers and effective enough to make them click it, here is a list of seven useful tips on how to make them shine.

Be witty

Think about it, witty would spark your interest too. Most people are bored with the plain old statement that says what caused the notification – they want to see something attention-grabbing, something that will make them smile.

Use humor instead of taking your brand too seriously. To the people that receive these notifications, you will seem like a friend, you will make them feel like you see the world they do. And nothing connects people as humor does. Draw inspiration from brands and celebrities whose humor you find appealing.

Create your brand voice and stick to it

Authenticity is what will drive people to you, what will make them recognize your brand whenever they see a notification. Look up to some of the most popular brands and how they do their push notifications.

This approach could potentially win many hearts – you could choose to be funny, honest, serious, sarcastic or anything else that you want to be. Just make sure that you are consistent.

Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy. People are tired of brands overselling their product and treating them as if they do not know what is going on. This is why being honest will win you many hearts.

“For example, if your terms and services are long and boring to read, tell your users and possibly offer them a short list of what they are accepting. This transparency will also bring an element of surprise – people are so used to being lied to that a transparent brand will automatically get them to pay attention and notice your notifications”, – says Mary Pablo, a Marketing Manager at Assignment help.

Offer valuable information

If your brand is offering something new that could interest your users or there is a discount, let them know. Most people do not care about random notifications about updates and such, but they will genuinely like your effort to give them value.

Try to limit your push notifications to the ones that really offer a helping hand or useful information instead of sending out too many notifications that are ignored.

Write short and accurate notifications

Push notifications are most definitely not the place to put a lengthy text. Keep it short, sweet and catchy. Also, make sure that your notifications are accurate – no one will take you seriously with too many grammar and spelling mistakes.

Here is a list of free resources to help you write perfect notifications:

State of Writing / Viawriting – in case you need writing guides for your push notifications these websites will give you excellent tips on how to write them.
UKWritings is an online copywriting tool – recommended here – that will give you excellent tips on writing notifications that demand attention.
Academadvisor is a formatting guide, which will help you make your notifications properly formatted and structured.
Essayroo – an online proofreading tool to avoid any mistakes in the notification text
MyWritingWay and WritingPopulist are great choices and guides for the editing job
Boomessays is a title or content generating tool, which will provide you with assistance when you are a bit low on inspiration.

Stay up-to-date

This could be extremely valuable for notification writing. Take popular events like elections or football games, TV shows or popular references, memes and such to relate to your readers.

If you do this, your notifications will not be considered boring at all – in fact, they will make the readers feel connected to your brand as someone who loves the same things they do.

Evoke powerful emotions

Your notification may be about a new perfume or something similar but you can certainly connect it with more powerful things – feelings. Whether it’s nostalgia, love or happiness, your readers will like it.

Regular boring notifications do not really have what it takes to invite them in – but if you relate your notification to their feelings, they will gladly click. And the best thing is, they will look forward to your next notification.

Final Thoughts

Push notifications require short text – but it does not mean that a short text cannot pack a punch. Just make sure that whatever you do, you always think of your receivers first and what will appeal to their interest the most.


This post is written by Freddie Tubbs.

About The Author:

Freddie Tubbs is a digital analyst at Paper fellows. He also works as a marketing paper writer at Academized and Australianhelp.