Add Applozic chat framework project


Building a Chat application in iOS:

This blog will explain how you can add open source Applozic iOS framework project within your own project as a dependency. Once you add it, you can modify and achieve any level of customisation required.  However, Applozic provides multiple settings for ui customisation but for further customisation or event handling you might need this. Below are few simple steps you can follow to add Applozic framework to your projects.

STEP 1. Open root folder of your project and copy Applozic folder from sample-with-framework and paste it in the folder.




STEP 2 : Add Applozic.xcodeproj to your own project.





STEP 3 : Add Applozic as target dependency :






STEP 4: Embed and link Applozic framework :



Now you can make changes within Applozic framework code :). For more information about how to build one to one/ group messenger using Applozic framework, please visit developer page.

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  • Nikhil Boriwale

    sir I integrate Applozic chat Sdk in my application & generate Application Key & add this in my application but After message sent ItShow “CONTACT APPLOZIC TO ACTIVATE CHAT IN UR APPLICATION” HOW I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM…

    • Hi Nikhil,
      This must be coming if you are using the free trial in production (release apk) which is meant only for testing and development.

  • Nikhil Boriwale

    using IOS objectiveC