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Android v5.101.0 and iOS v8.2.1 – Release Notes

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Android v5.101.0

Features added

Added support for gifs and giphy.

Gifs are now officially supported in the pre-built UI.

Check the release on GitHub.

How to enable Giphy

Giphy is now supported on Applozic!

To be able to use Giphy in Applozic, you need to have a Giphy SDK API key.

Create an account at and copy the API key provided by Giphy.

Add the Giphy API key in your AndroidManifest.xml inside the tag as shown below:

            android:value="[ADD KEY HERE]" />

iOS v 8.2.1

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Resolved Xcode analyze warnings and errors in SDK.
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation title was not showing in some cases for the group of two.
  • Fixed an issue where in the attachment section there was white layer on image which was causing a blur image view.

Check the release on GitHub.

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