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Applozic Release Notes: Here’s What’s New from January’19

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Release Notes is our monthly publication to update the community on the recent feature additions and product improvements. This is so that you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Here’s what we launched in January’19.

We welcomed 2019 with the resolution to improve customer satisfaction and a goal to make sure not a single customer leaves us. So we took a few paces backward and dedicated the first month of 2019 to build the most wanted features based on your requests. Read on for more!?


What’s New on iOS?


Custom Message List View:

You can now create custom message lists with Applozic. This update is for users who have distinct users in their app and would like to populate separate views for each set of users. For example, if you are using Applozic for customer support chat, then you can populate separate lists for specific agents and also for assigned and unassigned conversations.

Custom Message List


Vertical Layout – Quick Replies:

Did you dislike the horizontal layout of the Quick Reply buttons? If so then we have heard you and acted on it. We have changed the view to accommodate Quick Replies on a vertical layout. The current layout makes it easier to read and select the options.

Quick Reply Buttons

Not using Quick Replies yet? It is a great time saver, engages users and improves message response rates.

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Improved File Handling and Attachments:

We made two major enhancements here:

✅ Users can now upload any type of file; PDFs, Docs, and others directly from iCloud and share it with their contacts.

✅ We have added an option that shows only specific file types from the gallery when a user is sending attachments. The application admin can enable it for specific cases when they are certain about the file types that application users will send.  

Attachments from iCloud


UI Improvements:

Your favorite message bubble view just got better. Now you can change the color of the message bubble and all its internal elements like the text color, the button color and the color of all the icons.


Other Features & Enhancements:

? Now the Typing Indicator will be dismissed in 30 seconds if the user is still typing

? We added a message metadata option in the configuration so that if metadata is set, it will then be sent with all the messages. This will allow you to get more information about every user.

? Added support for Submit button and Link button as rich messages.

? Squashed a few bugs and made performance updates for a smoother experience


What’s New on Android ?


New & Improved Push Notifications:

Applozic now supports HTML formatting in Push Notification. So all your HTML messages will be rendered in the notification tray in their native form.

Push Notifications


Improved File Handling and Attachments:

Just like in iOS, the option to filter out specific file types from the gallery while sending an attachment is also available on Android. So for users with a packed gallery, it becomes convenient to search for specific items.

Custom File Type


Other Features & Enhancements:

⚡ More updates = increased SDK size? Not in our case! With the latest release, we made various optimizations to bring down SDK size by 500 KB.

? You can now show/hide group subtitle for your users.

?‍✈️ Application admin can update the metadata even for a logged in user.

Our top resource of ideas and fixes is your honest feedback. Please 
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