Applozic, Sendbird or Layer- Discover The Best Chat SDK for your needs!

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In the last couple of years, real-time chat evolved from becoming a ‘good to have’ to ‘must have’ feature in a number of applications across the various business processes. Today, some of the leaders believe it is on course of replacing a number of apps of yesteryear. In a recent Spiceworks study of 901, IT professionals across North America and EMEA bear this out an interesting finding was revealed. The study looked at adoption of business chat apps for real-time collaboration with different stakeholders of a business.– some of which offer functionality like video conferencing and social features in addition to simple chat.

In Spiceworks study, 58% of small businesses (fewer than 100 employees), 61% of mid-size businesses (100 to 499 employees), and 70% of large businesses (500 or more employees) indicated they are using collaborative chat apps. This uptake shows considerable growth over the numbers reported in Spiceworks’ 2016 study, which showed 42% of small businesses, 38% of mid-size businesses, and 53% of large businesses were using collaborative chat apps.

We are sure that you also are considering to have this feature soon on your app. So, among the Chat SDK Providers, which is the best fit for YOU? Here is a comparison table to help you make your choice quickly!

PS: The evaluation has been done on the basis of the information available on various digital platforms. Any discrepancies identified, can be reported directly at here.