Here’s What’s New from April 2019 | Applozic Product Releases

At Applozic, this year is all about improving the customer experience by allowing developers to customize their app as per user’s feedback and journey. We did some major changes last month, which you can find here.  We continue our efforts in this direction and in our sprints of April we focussed on improving the product from the developer’s side. Here is the list of updates you must know about

What’s New on iOS

  • Customize Your Notifications
    Every application has its own unique way to engage its users for example- some focus on sharing text while some need to share media. Thus, to help the product team decide what they want to show in the notification banner, we now let you customize the notification banner for displaying in-app chat notifications.
  • Manage Nuances Better
    With our latest update, conversations will be clean as we now have a profanity filter in iOS too. In order to enable this feature, you need to upload a set of profane words or choose from the ones we already have. Keep the filename as ‘profane words list’ in the configuration. These words get blocked and if any user uses it then the messages don’t appear.
  • Open pdf, docs inside the chat
    Your users don’t have to switch apps for opening files and attachments anymore. The chat widget can now render and open .pdf, .doc, .txt and other file formats.
  • Store your docs, media files separately
    Decide where you want to store your customer’s documents, media files, etc as per your need. Yes, enterprise customers now can decide where they want to store files which are not related to chat using a simple click and select option from admin panel.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • We have updated our APIs and will support applications starting from iOS 9. So applications will now be available with the latest features and improvements for iOS 9 to 12.
  • You no longer have to wait after loading the application for the first time, it will be ready to use the moment you click on it. The data will be fetched in the background and you can continue using it right away.
  • An issue was noticed when messages were being received even after logout, this has been fixed. So don’t worry about it the moment you log out, messages won’t come.

What’s New on Android

  • Deployed A New and Smarter Version
    We have released the latest version of our SDK for v5.44 which is far more smarter. This will reduce the time to deploy with in-built native functionalities and a number of important fixes for improved user experience. One major improvement is movies manifest entries to the library. Earlier you were asked to add the entries to your Manifest file following these steps. You no longer need to do it until and unless you want to customize.
  • Logging your Issues Made Simpler and Private
    Stop worrying about sharing complete logs of your application with us. You can now log Applozic logs separately automatically and share the same periodically to an email of your choice or to Applozic support. This will help us debug your issues much faster and easier. We also have added a feature to share the debug report specifically to our SDK as you release a new version. Set up an automated mail and relax.
  • Groups Will Sync Faster
    Groups which gets deleted will no longer be visible to users. We have also improved our synchronization capability for allowing old conversations from the group to load a lot faster. Managing community engagement is core to our chat experience and we look to improve it from time to time. An option to delete old groups has also been rectified.

    Other Features and Enhancements

  • We continue to improve our existing SDK by fixing some of the crashes we noticed.
  • A number of issues responsible for applications not responding have been fixed.

Our top resource of ideas and fixes is your honest feedback. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to

Which Chat SDK is better for user experience? Applozic, Sendbird, Layer or Quickblox!

In the previous article, we have explained about the technologies being used by each of the solution providers. This was the first step in taking a decision as to which software to rely upon for chat integration. The next important set of parameters to evaluate is from the user’s perspective.
Let us understand the features which users will enjoy.

SMS and Email Fallback
Although internet penetration has been immense and in-app messaging is undoubtedly on the rise, users still need a mechanism to be notified in its absence. SMS and email fallback allow users to receive messages on their mobile phones in case they are not connected to the internet or by email if they are not using the application. It assures that no message is missed or lost. This unique feature is offered by Applozic and Layer only. Sendbird and Quickblox are yet to offer SMS Email fallback.

Chat UI Kit
Users enjoy an easy to navigate mobile/ website application. With unique UI toolkit designers and developers can provide the same user experience even inside the chat application provided by third parties. To meet these needs Applozic and Layer provides an open source toolkit which allows designers and developers to completely customize UI as per their requirements. On the contrary, Sendbird offers limited capabilities with its open source sample UI kit and Quickblox with its chat view controller.  

Number of Members allowed in Group Chat:
This is the age of networking and users with similar interests love to stay connected. Users love to form groups based on interests in apps they use instead of migrating to third party app always.Group Dynamics, not only induces engagement but also plays an active role in knowledge sharing. With Applozic and Sendbird there is no upper limit on the number of users in a group. However, in Quickblox you may need to host it on a dedicated AWS infrastructure for better performance.
Layer has kept a limit of 25 on the number of members a group can have.

Developers Community
Applozic, being a White Label SDK is highly customizable and allow developers to build chat the way they want. It has seen compounding growth among developers in platforms like Stack Overflow, Github, Reditt since its inception. On the other hand Sendbird and Layer have seen growth at a constant rate. Quickblox enjoys a good number of followers in Stack Overflow.

Customer Support
Customer Support is a determining factor for SaaS since unlike other products, for most businesses relying on SaaS – operations can come to a standstill even for minor malfunctions. Applozic has tried to redefine customer support in this domain with 24X7 connectivity across different channels like email, Skype and support chat. The typical response time is anywhere between few mins to an hour, whereas Sendbird, Quickblox and Layer are known to reply in days.

To summarize:

Comparison Infographics - Updated

Customizable Web SDK for Chat-Messaging

 It was our customer’s use cases that encouraged us to write this article. We are going to highlight our Web SDK abilities and use cases that you can leverage with Applozic platform.

We introduced our Client API’s and Native SDK’s in Sep’2015, enabling developers to build cross-platform messaging for mobile, web and desktop. Since then, we have seen our platform being used in 100+ businesses but the most amazing part is that each of these implementations are unique in its own way. Each business has their own use cases and UI customizations, some with lengthy work flow and some even more complicated. Our highly simplified API’s and UI toolkit made it all an amazing experience.

Our Web SDK enables a variety of cross-platform messaging use cases:​

Match making and Dating services

On-demand delivery services

Community building and group chat

Online events and Social networking

Cross device messaging for Delivery – Recipient, Customer – Agents

Marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers

Be it Bubble, SideBox or Full view, we have you ready to use UI:



We offer you the freedom to build a great messaging experience in any product. Our Web SDK will keep evolving with our extensive roadmap but your feedback and suggestions would always help us reach new highs.

The documentation is available as part of our developer portal, along with example apps:

Sign up for Applozic developer account and get started: 

If you have any questions about integration and customization, please connect with us over live chat and we will be happy to assist you.