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Customizable Web SDK for Chat-Messaging

 It was our customer’s use cases that encouraged us to write this article. We are going to highlight our Web SDK abilities and use cases that you can leverage with Applozic platform.

We introduced our Client API’s and Native SDK’s in Sep’2015, enabling developers to build cross-platform messaging for mobile, web and desktop. Since then, we have seen our platform being used in 100+ businesses but the most amazing part is that each of these implementations are unique in its own way. Each business has their own use cases and UI customizations, some with lengthy work flow and some even more complicated. Our highly simplified API’s and UI toolkit made it all an amazing experience.

Our Web SDK enables a variety of cross-platform messaging use cases:​

Match making and Dating services

On-demand delivery services

Community building and group chat

Online events and Social networking

Cross device messaging for Delivery – Recipient, Customer – Agents

Marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers

Be it Bubble, SideBox or Full view, we have you ready to use UI:



We offer you the freedom to build a great messaging experience in any product. Our Web SDK will keep evolving with our extensive roadmap but your feedback and suggestions would always help us reach new highs.

The documentation is available as part of our developer portal, along with example apps:

Sign up for Applozic developer account and get started: 

If you have any questions about integration and customization, please connect with us over live chat and we will be happy to assist you.


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Eezyrent increased their closures 5X by enabling real time chat between Landlords and Tenants

favicon Eezyrent is a simple rent utility that helps you find space for rent, or a tenant / flatmate for your place –  10 times faster, and at less than 1/10th the cost. It completely eliminates the broker from the transaction. Eezyrent searches and finds accurate matches for you for free, and you can then get a 100% valid lease & license agreement registered & delivered to you for as little as Rs. 1000/-, from the comfort of your home or office, without visiting the registration office!

That’s Eezyrent for you! “0% brokerage, 100% ease” –  a broker-free marketplace for only end users – property owners and tenants – find each other, talk, and close the deal quicker, more reliably & more conveniently than ever before. Eezyrent has simplified the house renting for landlords and find the best match for tenants.Sample 01

“We wanted a ‘WhatsApp like’ messaging system integrated into our system. Applozic has been a real boon in that sense. Their product and support is fantastic. Devashish & team are true partners… they know their stuff, are good listeners & very easy to get along with… like one’s own team… would highly recommend without any reservations” – Hemant Kejriwal, Founder and CEO @Eezyrent  favicon


  • Users aren’t too keen to share their contact details with others unless prior to any relevance
  • Messaging wasn’t real time – users didn’t know if the people they message were online.
  • Furthermore, for the users to share images of their apartment, they had to fall back on emails – leading to delays,  fragmentation of the conversation across messages, emails & phone calls.
  • Property owners as a community are generally much older and relatively less tech savvy. Hence, all the friction was leading to delayed response which led to reduced communication… ultimately leading to fewer closures.
  • Consolidated conversation/agreements history.


  • Easy to use Real time chat/messaging for tenant-landlord communication while securing each party privacy.
  • Ability to chat, send audio/video messages in real time with sms/email as fallback provided an end to end communication.
  • All the messages/attachments/conversations stored at one place.


  • Increased user base multi-folds with seamless communication
  • Both tenants and property owners are happy as they accomplish everything in real time and being at one place.
  • Eezyrent gets smart with data analytics to help people find their next rental house easily.

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Difference between Real Time Chat, In-App Messages, Live Chat and Push Notifications

People are often confused between Chat, In-App Messaging, Live Chat and Push Notifications and use it interchangeably.

In-App Messaging:

In-app messaging (also known as in-app communication) is the act of messaging, communicating with users through a software application, either on a mobile phone or tablet device or through software on a PC.

In-app messages can include images and text, and it is expected to gain more multimedia capabilities in the future. It often includes a call to action to take users to a certain destination within the app.

Marketers favor in-app messages over push notifications for contextual content.

Popular In-App Messaging solutions: Intercom, NudgeSpot, Urbanairship, Moengage

In-App Messaging example from Intercom

In-App Messaging example from Intercom


Live Chat:

Live Chat is a popular term used for online chat applications designed specifically to provide online assistance to users of a website. Mostly used to provide instant help to the website visitors. Users can chat with the online live chat agents.

Popular Live Chat solutions: Zopim, Olark,,

Live Chat example from Zopim

Live Chat example from Zopim


Push Notification:

Push notification is a message pushed from a software application to the user’s device. 

Push notification originates from the server and they only reach users who have installed the application.

Popular Push Notification solutions: Apple Push Notification Service, “Google Cloud Messaging

The new version of GCM is Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

If you are using push notification for marketing campaign then use it wisely.

Push Notification example

Push Notification example


Real-time chat:

Real-time chat is any online communication that provides a real-time transmission of messages from sender to receiver.

There are a number of platforms available to let application developers include the real time chat in the mobile and web apps.

Popular Real Time chat solutions: Applozic, QuickBlox, Layer

Real Time Chat example from Applozic

Real Time Chat example from Applozic


We believe very soon the live chat with support agents will become outdated. Chat bots are in its nascent stage, therefore, Application to Users messaging and direct user to user chat (eg: buyer-seller, teacher-student, doctor-patient) will take over the support agent based live chat solution.

We are moving fast  towards all types of communication; not restricted to one thing and with all the new creative stuff coming up every day, developers need to build scalable and reliable cross platform communication be it in the form of chat, in-app message, notifications, application to user messaging or application to application messaging with very less human interventions.

This very need led us to build Applozic which lets developers add real time communication to mobile and web apps for chat, notifications, in-app messaging, application to user and application to application messaging.