Customize Message Status, Read Receipts | Product Updates

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Our team has been building and improving the product with remote scrums and planning. We all hope you and your family are safe. We will surely be out of this soon.
We have done some improvements to and released ApplozicSwift 5.1.2, Applozic Obj-C SDK 7.3.0 and Android SDK 5.76. For previous updates & feature additions, check out all our last month’s release notes. You must also subscribe to our newsletter today.

What’s New On iOS

  • Customize Message Status/Read Receipts
    We have now added an option to customize message status i.e. delivered, sent, read receipts style and more. Use your brand colors or icons to offer a rich experience to your users and make them fall in love with your brand identity. Check message status docs to get started.
  • Enable/Disable in-app notifcations
    It often becomes too difficult for users to manage in-app notifications and applications which often sent it out notifications regularly face a higher churn rate. In order to let you configure it at your admin-level, we have added an option to disable the in-app notification banner. Check the docs for more details.
  • Hide Groups/Channels Tab
    A number of applications don’t require groups to get started and later the need might arise. In order to help you fall back with an option, admins can now enable/disable options to or have an option of groups in a tab section. Define your priorities. We continue to allow your product teams to customize it as per your requirements or empower your users.

    Other Features Updates
  • An issue where rich message buttons faced alignment issues has been fixed.
  • The issue where updated display names were not refreshing upon relaunch of a chat with another user has been fixed. [Obj-C and Android]
  • An import issue in Applozic.h file for AlMultipleAttachmentCell for case-sensitive data has been fixed. [Obj-C]