“Buy the best and you’ll cry only once”

Meet Sam, who loves to shop online due to a quality guarantee and deals on offer. However, for the last few months, he is not loving it anymore. Shopping online is not saving those extra bucks that it used to do. So we sat with him to understand what has changed. So here is the outcome of the discussion
– The products he wants to purchase now have a high demand
– He is missing offer timings due to his strict schedule and limited period offers.

Is this your story or of your customers too?

Imagine, you are the marketplace owner where Sam goes for shopping. So, instead of giving Sam a generic experience, you decide to give him a personalized one. You focus on retaining users like Sam and nurture these important relationships to generate the missed out revenue.

But how can you do so? Won’t be it too complex? No, it won’t be. It can be made simple – Integrate real-time chat options which can provide deals to select visitors and also help them connect with you/your seller in seconds.

A number of websites today offer the option “ to chat with a live sales representative” which sometimes comes up as a pop-up while the user is browsing, making it annoying for users and resulting in high closure rates.

This is a great idea to engage and know what your users are doing to offer them exclusive deals over the chat window. But with annoying pop-ups, this is irritating users. So, have a real-time chat window integrated for live shopping deals.
Here are some interesting hacks which your users might follow as well to get a good deal from on your marketplaces-  

Meanwhile, you can do the following

  • Offer Dynamic pricing
    A unique strategy which will allow sellers to offer different prices to different customers on the basis of demand, user behavior, and market factors. This will allow sellers to understand user profiling and created customized strategies for each persona going forward
  • Extend Coupons/Offers
    If you find that the user has reached out to you with expired coupons, you can always extend it as an offer of good gesture. This will add that “human touch” which is often missing in the online buying journey.
  • Upsell/Cross Sell
    All of the e-commerce websites have an inbuilt section “Frequently Bought Together”, however, users hardly trust it. In fact, 74% of online shops struggle in personalizing real-time offers which are now must for selling more products to the user. This is only possible if we integrate real-time chat and invite users to discover deals by having a conversation as we have in offline stores.

 Your buyers can also enjoy

  • Unique Deals and Variants on Offer
    Let them speak to your sellers and get a deal which may not be on offer. It can also be customized to meet their needs in real time. It’s all about bringing that connect between a buyer and a seller. Your buyers can also know about other product variants which are on available. They also get a personalized offer or use an expired deal.
  • Social Commerce
    None of us prefer to shop alone but we have this lonely experience when we are shopping online. Imagine having the same offline experience where you are shopping during the online shopping carnival and you have your peers with you. With real-time chat options, you involve them and have that useful conversation.
  • Guided Shopping
    We all love assistance while shopping as it simplifies the pain to discover and look around. With real-time chat options, marketplace owners can have a representative who can guide the buyers. You can also have a tripartite chat window in order to keep a check on quality and maintain uniformity across the board.

We know that the world is all about real-time/on-the-go today and customer experience, marketing is also following the same suite. Users are no longer interested to wait and wait for stuff to happen. They want things to be instant which simplifies their journey.
A recent study by Adobe found the following inferences about real-time solutions. This study was done in collaboration with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) on 235 North American marketers.

  • 60% highlighted they struggle to personalize content in real-time, yet 77% believe real-time personalization is crucial.
  • Most agree that real-time marketing is “dynamic personalized content across channels” (43%)
  • Real-time Cross-Channel engagement (75%) and Web (69%) are very important, but most are still in planning stages.
  • Real-time Email is the highest rated channel- 80% find it very important, and over half are already leveraging it.
  • Real-time Mobile and Social lag behind Email, Web, and Cross-Channel for marketers.
  • Two-thirds of respondents are planning for real-time technologies.
  • More than 60% see the benefits of marketing effectiveness, customer experience, and retention.

So, we understand that real-time options are the way to go but none of us are actually creating that experience for our users. But why so? Is it the fear to create processes and digital assets from scratch, if that’s the case then you need to look around and discover readily to use plugin available to initiate your real-time experience. Have people chatting, know what they are focusing on and generate those insights which will draft your road map further. It’s that simple :). So, make your first move towards a faster, spontaneous and effective user journey today. If you struggle we will get some great guides for you today.