This article will explain how we can generate apple push ssl certificate in .p12 format. In general, we need certificate in this format to send push notification from application server to apple push notification server.


First, we need to generate request certificate from your keychain.

Open keyChain Access -> Certificate Assistant ->Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.

Fill up your details and select save to disk. By default it will be saved on your desktop.


Login to your Apple developer center account. Once you log in, go to Identifiers ? App IDs.

Here you will see all your bundle identifier created. Chose your app for which you want to enable push-notification.

Click on edit button and Enable Push Notifications. Once it is enabled, click on Create Certificate.

Now continue to next step, you need to upload your CSR file generated in step (a).

Click on Generate to get the push certificate.

Once you click on Generate. You will see an option to download it.

After download, you can open it and certificate will automatically get added into keyChain Access.


Once certificate is added to your keyChain access, you can export your certificate in your desired format.

  1. Open keyChain Access
  2. Select your certificate. You can identify your certificate with your bundle identifier.
  3. Once you click on it, select the option to Export.

4. Use some password.(make sure you keep it safe for future use).

Once you click on ok, certificate will be saved on your system. Now you are ready to share this certificate to your application developer mate :).




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