Last month, a number of new features were rolled out on Applozic which has improved user experience. We continue to roll out new features to improve overall reliability and stability. For previous improvements, check out all of Applozic’s release notes, and if you’d like to get a list of improvements every month – along with ways to help contribute to the development yourself – subscribe to our newsletter today.

What’s New on iOS

  • Add Contacts Quickly
    Users love to use messaging platforms for sharing all kinds of messages. We now allow users to share contacts over a chat window. Users can just share a contact with a co-user by visiting their address book and tap on it. Co-users can then tap on the message and add it to their contact directory in a click, it’s that simple!

    Image: Sharing contact on messaging screen

    Image: Share a number of details in a single tap

  • Manage Groups In A Better Way
    Your users are creating new groups for adding/changing admins. From today, users have an option to remove a member, add a new admin or edit admin. All of these are available at a click away as you visit the group and tap on the member’s name you want to make changes in.

    Image: Add or remove admin as per your choice

  • Share Photos In Couple of Taps
    Users can now share images directly from the native ‘Photos’ app. On tapping on the share option, Applozic powered application will pop up. This will allow users to share the image and write a small text to define the image while sharing it across as well.

    Image: Share image right from photos

Other Features and Enhancements

  • In ApplozicSwift we have added support for the back button in a ‘presented’ Conversation VC.
  • We fixed an issue where users even after being a part of the group were shown an error message -“Not part of the group”. [Swift]
  • We have an updated image preview screen for various screen size iOS devices starting from iPhone X. [Obj-C]
  • During the registration process, the API will verify if the user is logged in or not, if the user is logged in then it won’t call the login API. This will fix the issue where multiple login calls were going.[Obj-C]
  • We also fixed a crash which was happening while deleting messages on the applications. [Obj-C]

What’s New on Android

No major feature was added in our SDK. However, we did make enhancements in our existing SDK

  • To avoid multiple login errors we have added login check process which allows the application to continue to be used once relaunched and avoid multiple time login option.
  • We fixed an issue where chat application was crashing while launching for select users.
  • Another issue was fixed which didn’t allow the cursor to enter a new line on click of ‘enter’ button in the keyboard.
  • HTML based notification content was resulting in the crash of the notification bar and the application, it has been fixed.

Our top resource of ideas and fixes is your honest feedback. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to