At Applozic, 2019 started with a focus on improving our product’s usability to give you a smoother experience. You can find all the updates that we did so far in lines to that here.

During our March sprints, our focus was to provide updates which makes it comfortable for both developers and end users.  Here is the list of updates you must check out.

What’s New on iOS

  • Latest Version of Swift Is Here
    Yes, you read it right we now support the latest Swift Version 4.2 so that you can stay updated. This also allows them to develop products on the latest version which is stable, making the final product reliable and efficient.
  • Rich Messaging Just Got Better
    Our effort to improve the experience of users continues. Applozic now supports rich messages: lists, buttons, cards, and carousels. This is so that you can drive the user to take actions directly from the chat screen.  Interesting and easy right!Improve rich messaging - ApplozicNot just this, you can also have multiple CTAs for a single product. Users will love to take actions as per their choice and you can keep assisting them as when required. Product managers looking to provide guided shopping are loving it!
  • Know When Your Users Were Active
    It makes it easy for co-users to communicate if they know users last activity. With our latest feature, one can easily know the last seen status or if the user is online at that point. You can also enable or disable this based on the product’s need.
    Also, to help users know about their activity we now have a loading indicator which goes off in case you have connectivity issues. It is right at the top where details of the user’ s conversation are fetched.
  • Message Bubbles To Support Your Brand Identity
    We know you love to be pixel perfect, so here we are with another option to exactly let you do that. Create a seamless experience for users by changing the radius of the message bubble using a simple configuration setting as per your branding needs.
  • Share Your Message With Images
    You can now let your users add captions when they are uploading images in the chat. Allow users to share their thoughts right away. You can also customize it as per your need. This is an update for our newer versions as some of our older versions already support this feature.
  • Change the Look and Feel of Your Messages
    Start exploring different colors for your sent and received messages to connect with your branding identity. Yes, users now can easily distinct messages received and sent if you use a distinct color and font for the same.

    Other Features & Enhancements:
  • ? You can now add a setting to enable/disable ‘unblock’ option right from your admin panel. So don’t worry if someone blocked a user, it can always be reversed and you can make this option available to users as well if you find it suitable.
  • ? Syncing contacts for the first time was often an issue as a termination made the whole effort go to waste. But not anymore, we have fixed this issue and have also allowed users to have auto sync for a particular segment as well. Now sit back and relax!

All New Dashboard

While all that was happening, our Dashboard went through a makeover. The new dashboard is intuitive and has specific sections for all the functions. You can get a better view of all your application data in the improved analytics tab. We have seen a huge interest in the direct codeless bot integration with Dialogflow, which you can find in the Bot Integration tab.

Applozic new dashboard

Let us know what you think about the new Dashboard and if you think it can be improved upon.

Our top resource of ideas and fixes is your honest feedback. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to