Here we are with the latest features and updates for our SDKs. We have made a number of improvements in our Android SDK (Version-5.62) since our last release. For previous updates & feature additions, check out all our last month’s release notes. You must also subscribe to our newsletter today.

What’s New on Android

  1. Share Attachments on Open Groups
    As the name suggests, open groups allowing anyone using the application to participate in group discussions and freely share his thought. A number of you must be using it for video streaming apps or open forums to ask relevant questions. We know allow you to share attachments with enhanced filters. Update your SDK today!
Fig: Sharing Attachments in Open Groups

2. Support For AndroidX Added
Our team has done all the major updates to support AndroidX which will allow you to develop, test, package, version and release libraries within Jetpack. This is a major improvement towards the improvement of native android features built-in for enhanced user experience.

3. Customized Spam Filters
You can define what exactly to block and it’s kind. Our SDK now allows you to define the nature and pattern of the messages you want to block with a simple line of code. Right from blocking a particular kind of file, file size or keywords everything is now covered.

Other Features and Enhancements
– We have added an option to enable/disable one to one chat. Decide what you feel is the best for your application and get it implemented in seconds.
– Username will be created during login and will be validated to avoid any intrusion. The parameters for access can also be set.
– An option to report a message has been added.
– An issue where image upload was not working in certain cases has been fixed.

We are extremely thankful to you and your team for sharing continuous feedback with us. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to