For the last two months, we have done some improvements to all our SDKs. We are have released ApplozicSwift SDK 3.4.0, Objective-C SDK 6.16.0 and Android SDK 5.64. For previous updates & feature additions, check out all our last month’s release notes. You must also subscribe to our newsletter today.

What’s New On iOS

  • Support for iOS 13
    We have now started to support the most recent stable release for iPads and iPhones both for our Swift and Obj-C SDK. This will help in offering a much improved and stable release for our partners.
  • Smarter Rich Media Messages
    In order to facilitate users to take faster actions for the media messages, we have introduced prompters. This will help users to know what to do as per the message and can be regulated by admin by defining the various kinds of actions. We have also updated UI for the link button and refactored rich messages to use the same view for all kinds of buttons.

    Fig: Prompter based rich media message
  • Search Messages Faster
    Users can now rely on our updated search function which will allow them to search for messages quickly and return in seconds. On a single tap on the search function, users can get faster answers to the queries they are looking for.

    Other Features Updates
  • Users can now start tagging their peers in the group using a ‘@’ while having a conversation
  • An option for navigation bar customization using UIAppearance has been added. Check out details here on how to get started.
  • Options to customize UI of message bubbles have been added and updated
  • Mute icon to show which all conversations are mute has been added
  • A crash related to downloading images has been fixed.

What’s New On Android

  • Rich Media Messages Templates
    A new style of rich media message templates has been added to offer a great to looking messages for users. It has options to customize look and use some which our team has identified to be working for across various kinds of industries.
  • Hide Action Messages
    This can be used by you for hiding a certain kind of message from the admin panel. This will allow you to have complete control over the kind of messages which can be exchanged.
  • Editing Group Name
    A setting to avoid group names being changed from time to time and create any confusion. The dynamic group name button has been hidden. This is designed to have a larger control for our clients as per their rules and guidelines.

We are extremely thankful to you and your team for sharing continuous feedback with us. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to