Release Notes

In the month of August, we have released the latest version of iOS SDK. If you have missed previous updates, please head here.


We’ve released a new version of ApplozicSwift 5.9.2 and Applozic Obj-C SDK 7.9.1.

– Added support for sharing documents from iCloud Drive and iPhone storage.

– Removed the line limit in form selection items(form template) to allow dynamic text of any size.

– Now, a loading indicator will be shown in the navigation bar till the contact info is fetched. [ObjC]

– Added support for message search from the server.  [Obj-C]

– Core data stack improvements, and a crash fix for the case when the persistent store is not created.

– Now, only App ID and JWT token will be used in the headers.

– Fixed an issue where in some cases only one message thread was present in the message list. [Obj-C]

– Fixed an issue where message metadata was coming as nil in some cases. [Obj-C]

– Fixed a crash that was happening some times on reloading the chat thread [Obj-C]

Watch out this space for more updates.