I hope you’ re staying safe and doing your best to fight this pandemic. In the last month, we have made some improvements to our iOS and Android SDks.

If you have missed previous updates, please head here.


We’ve released a new version of ApplozicSwift 5.7.0 and Applozic Obj-C SDK 7.7.0.

  • Migrated to Swift 5.
  • Added an option to set the primary color.
  • MQTT’s security improvements.
  • Added support to show members names in the navigation bar subtitle.[Obj-C]
  • Fixed “no results found” error when opening a location message.
  • Fixed a crash that was happening in the MQTT subscription.
  • Squashed a bug related to core data offline saving.


We’ve released a new version of Android SDK 5.76.

  • Security enhancements:
    • MQTT’s connection will now require a username and password to publish data on any topic.
    • The password for MQTT will be refreshed every 30 days, this is handled for pre-built UI. 
  • Added methods to use custom MQTT topic in the SDK.
  • Performance improvements: The read status of the message will be updated via MQTT instead of an HTTP call.
  • Added restricted words support for the attachment caption text.
  • Added APIs to get a support message list based on custom statuses.
  • Fixed an issue where the send button was not visible on deleting the message with an attachment.
  • Squashed a bug where a blank screen was displayed on the back press of the contact screen when ‘hideGroupTab’ setting is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where contact status was not displaying when the conversation was switched from the notification.

That’s all for now. We are extremely thankful to you and your team for sharing continuous feedback with us. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to support@applozic.com.