In the month of september, we have released the latest version of iOS SDK. If you have missed previous updates, please head here.


We’ve released a new version of ApplozicSwift 5.10.1 and Applozic Obj-C SDK 7.11.0.

  • Added support for sharing photos saved on iCloud.
  • Migrated the SDK to iOS 10, and fixed Core Data warnings. [Obj-C]
  • Added support for disabling chat when a logged-in user is deactivated. [Obj-C]
  • Added the group mute real-time update support. [Obj-C]
  • Support for delete message for all. [Obj-C]
  • Fixed an issue where file download/upload was not working when custom service is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the empty chat list screen was half white and half gray in iOS 14.
  • Now, all menu options will show up on message long tap. [Obj-C]
  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases the chat list was not updated with the latest data. [Obj-C]

Watch out this space for more updates.