New Features: Customized Icons, Smarter Profanity Filter and RTL Support

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Just wanted to let you know about our latest features and updates at Applozic  – we have added the ability to support for RTL formats, customize chat icons and much more.
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What’s New in iOS

  1. Customize The Chat Bar’s Look & Feel
    Customize the options on your chat bar using a simple line of code. You can now decide what to display and what to hide. Not just display but also customize the look and feel of the icons to match the exact user interface of your application. Check the detailed steps enlisted here to get started.
  2. Smarter Profanity Filter
    We all know the generic keywords which are prohibited but often we see some keywords which are specific to the application.
    For example, if you have a dating app, you might restrict users to share their phone numbers right at the start. With Applozic, you can exactly do the same using a simple parameter setting. Decide what data to be shared, what to be restricted and also start reporting messages/users in case of any violation.
  3. RTL Languages Are Now Supported
    The term ‘RTL’ means right to left and only a few languages in the world use this text direction. However, over a billion people actually, use this language. With our chat supporting this, start planning the chance of maximizing the market size.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • The process to migrate from older versions to new ( Migrating from versions < 3.1.0) has been made simpler as some of the options are not required anymore.
  • Images will now be compressed before uploading. [Obj-C]
  • An API to update the user email and phone number from admin has been added. [Obj-C]
  • The issue which resulted in bundle ID collision while submitting the app to the App Store has been resolved. [Obj-C]

What’s New on Android

A new version of Android SDK 5.51 has been released which has some major enhancements and updates.

1. New UI Callbacks
You can now register multiple listeners with unique IDs. Then unregister the listeners using those IDs. It’s that simple.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • Admin can now update the details of the users by using the email id as the user name
  • In case, no display name is available, the email id will act as the default display name

We are extremely thankful to you and your team for sharing continuous feedback with us. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to