Mobile applications are widening their utility in multiple aspects every day. Technologies like Augmented Reality, IOT, Virtual Reality, GPS, Beacons are becoming part of our life both in a personal or professional sphere. Enterprises, no matter new or old are bringing their business to our smartphones in an effort to go omnichannel.
Tech evangelism has been a prime focus of many tech companies for last decade. Apple too has been focusing on community building exercises to facilitate knowledge sharing so that developers can collaborate, learn and grow.  We see a number of iOS developers playing this role and one can keep abreast with all the latest developments by following these evangelists.
In an effort to help our developer friends, we have listed out the Top 20 Thought Leaders of iOS Development, following whom can help you learn and innovate.

    Johann Dowa is the man behind who has created a one-stop web portal for iOS Development libraries, tutorials, codes and tools which are a solution for multiple requirements. Johann provides information pertaining to latest trends like AI, ML.  You can follow him on Twitter (@maniacdev). To become a crowdsourcing platform it has allows his visitors to share their learning, share the one you learned now-

    Ios Deve
    Johann Dowa
    This is a portal started by Ray Wenderlich and he has collaborated with multiple developers across the globe and created a portal with 1745+ tutorials providing hands-on experience of all the latest research areas of ios based devices. You can follow him on Twitter (@rwenderlich). You can also join their community on

    Ray Wenderlich
    Erica has created a portal which has unique updates about ios, apps, hardware and other relevant software. She has also authored a book called “The Swift Developers Cookbook.” Connect with her on Twitter (@ericasadun), as she is quite active and enjoys a huge follower base of 20.2K!

    Erica Sadun
    A blog maintained by Dave Verwer provides great updates about the industry to its readers and users on a whole. It shares a newsletter every Friday which has updates about the domain and some unique hacks too. You can also connect with him on Twitter (@daveverwer) and learn about ios.
    Check out a copy of his latest newsletter:

    Dave Verwer
    Mike Ash is an adventure-friendly developer who is known to live on the edge. In his blog, he explains about his Mac and iOS development tricks and hacks. He often has a Friday Q&A series which allows developers to ask and get their queries resolved. You can connect with him on Twitter (@mikeash). He has an assorted list of software which can be used by developers and all verified plus tested by him.

    Mike Ash 
    Craig Hockenberry is the name behind the blog. He develops apps and websites for his clients all across the globe. He has been blogging for more than a decade and has shared some wonderful insights about development for apps, mac, XCodes and websites. With his experience of more than 3 decades in the industry, he is also known to have good command on user journey which can help UI and UX designers. You can connect with him on Twitter (@chockenberry).

    Craig Hockenberry
    James Sugrue is based out of Ireland and is working a lead architect and growth hacker in a startup. He is known to build applications using backbone.js which redefine user experience. He has also published a book named, Beginning Backbone.Js which is about architecture, test driven development and process of integration of JavaScript API.He has good experience with Appcelerator Titanium. He also publishes a weekly roundup about mobility solutions on DZone as You can connect with him on Twitter (@sugrue).

    James Sugrue
    Ole Begemann is owner and writer of this blog. He is an iOS and Mac developer based out of Berlin. He writes about Apple and Its products since 2008. He is not known to be very active on the portal but publishes selected article which is worth spending your time in. He has penned down his experience and thoughts on Mental Models in API design on July 31,2017. The article is inspired from Don Norman’s classic The Design of Everyday Things.  Connect with him on Twitter (@olebegemann)

    Ole Begemann
    The blog is written by Holly Schinsky, who is developer advocate for PhoneGap at Adobe. She has a great understanding about PhoneGap, Cordova. She provides valuable insights on the development of applications, websites and testing. Her style of blogging is simple, conversation and easy to grasp. Subscribe to her blog and connect with her on Twitter (@devgirlfl) for sure.

    Holly Schinsky
    Ivo Mynttinen is a guy to follow for creating a user-focussed app. He has a complete understanding of UI and has experience of working with multiple clients across the globe. With this blog he shares his experience about coding, designing and freelancing and sometime his life as well. He shares some cheat sheets like iOS design which are must for both designers and developers. You can connect with him on Twitter (@ivomynttinen).

    Ivo Mynttinen            
    Noel Llopis is an iOS Developer which is known for his experience with gaming apps. He has authored a book named, “C++ For Game Programmers”. This is all about his experience in the domain. He is quite active on his blog and shares regular updates about his learnings and happenings in the gaming industry. He is known for his creativity and imaginary based skills.
    You can connect with him on Twitter (@noel_llopis)

    Noel Llopis   
    This blog is created and maintained by Carter Thomas, a mobile enthusiast, and good vibration specialist. He writes about articles on how to make and market an app. He provides complete information about strategy and on ways to ideate an innovation. It is a resource which can help developers to understand all about business and act accordingly. Connect with him on Twitter (@carterthomas)

    Carter Thomas                 
    Ray Basile has started this blog in June 2007 just after the launch of the iPhone. He has been a dedicated Apple iOS follower and has been early adopter of the technology. He is a certified Machead who is mad about Apple’s product and its culture. He is a professional social media consultant and a music branding specialist for large retailers. He often writes about iPhone unique accessories which are available in the market.  Connect with him on Twitter (@mrbesilly) for sure.

    Ray Basile
    Tom Harrington is the man behind this consultancy for creating great web and mobile applications. He has been writing about Mac and iOS since 2002 and has been a good critic. He is currently not on his blog but you can always connect with him on Twitter (@atomicbird) to know about his thoughts or get some of your Qs answered.

    Tom Harrington 
    Ben Scheirman is an experienced software developer based out of Texas who has spent most of his time on Objective-C, Swift and Ruby. He has been writing about iOS development since 2009 and has been created apps like Pocket Tabs. He has another website called where he shares his insights for iOS development in form of videos and screencasting. It would be advised to follow this blog as well religiously. Connect with him on Twitter (@subdigital).

    Ben Scheirman
    This is a personal blog of Mugunth Kumar who is a iOS developer, trainer, and author of a book called, iOS Programming: Pushing the Limits. He is active not just on his blogs writing about also on other iOS-based communities. He is active on Twitter (@MugunthKumar), where you can connect with him and get some useful insights.

    Mugunth Kumar
    Chris Adamson, author of iOS 10 SDK Development is the man behind this amazing blog. He regularly updates this asset with topics like coding structures, speaking experience, and Apple Inc’s new products. You can also find him active on Twitter wherein he has some unusual takes on development and coding. Connect with him (@invalidname) and enjoy some unique ideas and thoughts.

    Chris Adamson
    Peter Steinberge is a Founder and CEO of PSPDFKit, a PDF framework for iOS, Android and the Web. He is known worldwide for his ability to identify bugs and resolve them. In his blogs, he shares his insights about his experience with iOS and also explains what can be expected. You can connect with him on Twitter (@steipete). He has a huge following database which is over 21.1K followers.

    Peter Steinberge
    It is a blog maintained by Yari D’aregliam an iOS and OS X developer at Neato Robotics in California. He shares articles on the architecture of app and programs, creating custom controls and various app updates significant to the audience. He has authored a book called, Learning iOS UI Development. It is being followed religiously by many UI Developers across the globe. You can connect with him on Twitter (@bitwaker).

    Yari D’aregliam
    It is a weekly iOS newsletter which is curated and distributed by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida. It curates credible information from various sources and shares the same with its subscribers, It has posts related to iOS, Business Trends in Mobile Industry, Xcode, hacks of iOS etc. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter now- by just visiting the website and subscribing it. You can also connect with its curators @Peres and @_TiagoAlmeida

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    Tiago Almeida

    Rui Peres

With Apple coming up with new and interesting ways of communicating with users, developers need to identify the possibilities and create a synergy of thinking and implementation in an efficient manner. These developers have practiced for years, so can be a wonderful guide for us to succeed.

Let us know if we missed out on your favorite iOS blog, by dropping your comments below or you can subscribe to our Twitter List and follow them at once.