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This February our focus was to give you more control on your app settings. So, we focussed on the customizability of Applozic SDKs and exposed some methods to give you a lot more flexibility.

What’s New on iOS

Your favorite actionable messages got better:
We have seen a lot of interest in actionable messages since its launch. In fact, it has been one of the hot-sells. So when we thought of giving you more control, we decided to start with your favorite feature.

Programmatically disable CTA Button:
You can now disable the CTA buttons on the actionable messages based on roles. So, now when there are multiple users present in a conversation thread you can ensure who can click on the CTA buttons.

Cruise control on UI:
To give you more control on the UI, we have made two major enhancements:
1) A message key will be sent to your backend when the CTA button is clicked
2) We have exposed our APIs so that you can update the message metadata
As a result of these changes, whenever the CTA button of an actionable message is clicked your system will be informed of it. So that you can programmatically update the UI of the message across all devices.

In addition to these we have made the following enhancements:

⚙️ You can now change the background and text color of Group info messages. Here’s how you can do it >>

?️ For users with no profile image, you can now change the colour of the default user icon character. Steps here >>

? As usual, squashed all the bugs that were hampering your experience.

What’s New on Android

?️‍?️ Added a setting to hide the group subtitle

A sneak peek into what’s cooking under the hood:

Email Message Rendering:
Our aim is to make your in-app messenger an omnichannel platform. As the first step towards it, we are optimizing the messenger to render email messages.

Message Clubbing:
In our efforts to make a modern UI that your users will love, we are working towards a UI enhancement to club together consecutive messages from the same user.

That is all from February! The biggest resource we have is YOU. Please continue to help us with your honest feedback by sending all your suggestions at, we will love to listen and connect back.