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What’s New: Product Updates From June 2019 | Applozic

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We’re making some improvements to our SDKs for various frameworks. These will make it easier for developers to use the latest updates and newer APIs to improve user control on their applications.
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What’s New in iOS

  1. Targeting iOS 10 or Above
    We now support iOS 10 as the minimum version for our SDK. This means we use new APIs from Apple to improve your experience and make your product modern yet simple.
  2. Better Image Compression With Concurrent Downloads
    Your users will now be able to download multiple videos seamlessly as we complete one and then move to another automatically without downloading all at once. Also, they will have better image quality even while it gets compressed.
  3. Improve Your Rich Messaging Experience
    Time to use bot integration with our new template. This will help you add rich media along with generic replies along with simple replies along for your FAQs.
  4. Tap To Click on The Link
    Your users can now start sharing messages with URLs which will allow them to click and open it on the in-app browser or external browser. Your users no longer have to struggle to copy and paste the website links on browsers.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • Reduced the loading time so that the conversations will load faster due to size caching.
  • We now support sending video attachments without any audio. [Obj-C]
  • You can also hide/unhide ‘Add contact’ button for your users in their messaging box [Obj-C]
  • We fixed an issue related to user defaults migration. [Obj-C]

What’s New on Android

We just released a new version of Android SDK 4.47 which now supports a number of features and improvements.

  1. Real-Time Updates From Our SDK
    Start using ApplozicUIListener in your application class and receive the events from SDK in real-time. Yes, you no longer need to wait for synchronization to happen and now can take decisions for your user experience and marketing at real-time.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • We fixed the logout issue where logout API earlier took a lot of time to process.
  • We also fixed an issue where the keyboard got lost while moving from portrait to landscape mode while typing a message.
  • A small issue about clicking on an attachment button multiple times opened multiple instances of the attachment has been fixed.
  • Some users reported that typing indicator and conversation title got lost when the user was on the context-based chat screen. The same has been fixed.
  • A number of minor crashes have also been fixed.

We are extremely thankful to you and your team for sharing continuous feedback with us. Please continue sending all your great suggestions to