Modern people use smartphones all the time, and it’s impossible to imagine our lives without instant communication. Therefore, there’s no surprise that more than two billion people use messaging apps on a daily basis. Given that efficient real-time communication is so important, choosing the right messaging software becomes no less important. Obviously, apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are a good solution when it comes to personal communication. However, organizations might need different functionality, and therefore they need to look for other solutions.
For instance, you may need a convenient corporate messenger to ensure effective communication within teams and across departments. You may also want to engage with your website visitors using a live chat. In this case, you may either buy a subscription and use already existing corporate software, or you can use a real-time chat SDK to develop your own app. In this article, we will consider the benefits of having a chat SDK in more detail.

Benefits of Using a Chat for Organizations
A corporate live chat empowers teams by providing them with a convenient tool for private communication in the workplace. This way, organizations can reduce interference and increase the efficiency of communication. To understand why you should build a custom real-time chat, take a look at some of the advantages of having one.

● Convenient instant communication
Unlike phone calls or video calls, chat apps don’t interrupt the workflow. Unlike emails, chat apps enable instant communication. According to statistics, as much as 95% of messages are opened in three minutes after they’ve been sent.

● Focused conversation
Different departments and employees have different responsibilities. However, they often need to work on the same tasks and make sure that their efforts are aimed towards achieving the same goals. A real-time chat enables you to streamline collaboration and create the right environment for a focused discussion. Administrators can post important updates and all the content of
chat rooms can be stored and discussed in the future.

● Dynamic collaboration
Thanks to all-in-one chat solutions, you can create the same working environment for all employees, no matter where they are. This feature of enterprise live chats becomes especially valuable in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic when many workers cannot be present in the office. You can develop an app that meets your objectives and has all the features your employees need for effective work. For instance, your chat may support co-browsing, file and screen sharing, group video calls, etc. You can also use live chats with various project management tools.

● Confidentiality and security
Building your own corporate chat also enables you to control your organization’s messaging networks, ensuring their safety. Organizations can create multi-level access systems so that employees can get different permissions based on their departments and positions. You can also use different data security practices. For instance, end-to-end encryption enables organizations to make communication only available to team members so that service providers won’t be able to access the message history.

These benefits of using a chat SDK have always been appreciated by companies. The coronavirus pandemic, however, revealed even more advantages of building a chat. When teams are separated, it’s important to maintain a sense of community and to make sure that all members of teams are still working together. Building your own corporate chat with a chat SDK enables you to build a community online.

Besides, it can help you create user experiences that are similar to the pre-pandemic era but safer. You can make a live chat a part of your product so that potential customers can connect with your organization immediately and get any necessary information and assistance. Thanks to various AI-driven chatbots, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Building vs. Buying
First of all, customization is one of the strongest tech trends in many industries. If you decide to develop your own chat, you’ll be able to tailor it to your specific needs. Most chat service providers don’t allow users to customize their software or offer different variations that correspond to different pricing plans. You may be able to have additional features, but the price of your subscription will inevitably grow.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when opting for subscription-based
chat solutions:

● Limited cloud storage
You will be unable to store as many multimedia files as you want because of usage restrictions. To increase your cloud storage, you will need to subscribe to a more expensive plan.

● No UI customization
The user interface of your chat is the main factor that influences engagement. Enabling users to customize the interface will boost engagement in no time.

● Concurrent user limits
Organizations that want to have a chat for hundreds of thousands of users won’t be able to ensure active participation.

● Message retention limitations
Having a limited period of message retention might make you lose many conversations and lots of shared data. In contrast, using a real-time chat SDK for an organization offers the following benefits

● Limitless scalability
Users can enjoy endless conversations because of unlimited opportunities for scaling. If you choose hosted solutions, scalability can be an issue.

● Monetization
You can implement any necessary mechanisms of development and monetization, including sponsorship, subscriptions, and in-chat payments.

● You only pay once
There’s no need to buy a subscription or to upgrade your tariff plan as your demands grow.

When you need a chat for a website or a corporate messaging app, it’s important to take into account all the pros and cons of different approaches. You should make an informed decision, which means that you should prepare and analyze several important factors.

  1. Evaluate your development resources and budget
    First of all, you should determine whether or not your development team is capable of building a chat app. You should also determine your budget and figure out how much such a project will cost. “Evaluating resources is especially important for large organizations because they might need to ensure integration with multiple other products and effective
    communication across multiple teams,” explains Jerry Young, a backend
    developer at a writing services review website Best Writers Online.
  2. Evaluate the risks
    To understand whether you should purchase a subscription or build a chat app, you should also evaluate risks and set priorities. For instance, you should understand how soon the chat must be ready. You should also determine what functionality your chat must have, what third parties (if any) should access the data, and how quickly your team will be able to fix any bugs. Finally, you should also take into account security concerns.
  3. Determine the scope of the project and customization
    This is probably one of the most important issues. You should clearly understand the scope of the project and determine what features you want the chat to have. For instance, if you want to create a complete solution that will easily replace the most popular chat services, you should keep in mind that their function includes not only group and one-on-one conversations.

    Some common features include chatbot integration, read-receipts, spam protection, an ability to send multimedia files, and data analytics. You might also consider integration with
    other APIs.

    Wrapping Up
    A real-time chat SDK is a great solution for every organization that wants to ensure effective, fast, and secure communication among its teams and employees. Although developing your own chat involves certain challenges, it’s important to keep in mind that such an approach gives you countless customization opportunities. Besides, this way, you might be able to save a lot of costs because you won’t need to pay for subscriptions. Effective chat software enables organizations to build a strong online community and to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers in the most engaging way possible. Building your own app allows you to precisely tailor your chat to specific objectives, adding the right features, and adjusting your solution to the specifics of your business.

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