The last time you had a live chat was your query answered immediately, or you had to wait? More likely, you had to wait for the reply. It gets quite disappointing when you need an immediate answer from the other side, but you don’t get a quick response. Online chat is, no doubt, an excellent facility for online businesses to increase user engagement and continuously provide them services. 

Like the concept, if online chats and chatbots emerged, organizations found a different way to build strong links with their clients. Although this era is of artificial intelligence and consumers like to use chatbots due to immediate response, 46% of the clients prefer to interact through the live chat with a live person rather than a robot. Even though we have a great facility of chatbots to replace it with human resources, clients still prefer to use live chats. Why? Let’s understand the reason. 

Why Is Live Chat Feature on Demand?

The concept of online buying and selling products is emerging at a rapid pace. Customers find this as one of the feasible and best ways to fulfill all their shopping needs. Not every individual prefers to buy stuff online due to the lack of sales agents for consulting or bad purchasing experiences. That’ when online chat features gained more popularity. Live chat facility is rising at a higher rate because of the wide range of benefits. Live chat facility on your website not only boosts sales but also helps in converting leads to long term clients.

It also aids in streamlining the process of customer support and minimizing operational costs. Various customers prefer to buy from an e-commerce website with a live chat feature rather than the one that has other channels of communication. Due to this, the demand for online chat is increasing as it offers better service to clients. People prefer to listen to the sales executive advice while choosing a product from a website. Want to get more leads? Then live chat is the most efficient feature for your brand as it will immensely help you in delivering specific objectives.

How Live Chat Makes the User Feel Belonged

In every client-centric business, the main focus of every enterprise is to increase real-time customer engagement and achieve higher customer satisfaction levels. Customer engagement can help you increase your sales by 20 to 40 percent. Live chat is the perfect balance of real-time assistance with some human touch. Most of the customers dread interacting on the websites due to the fact that they will encounter a chatbot instead of a human. Although digitalisation has evolved in many industries, ignoring the human touch in customer support will affect sales and customer satisfaction.

The study reveals that more than 75% of the clients prefer to solve their support problems through live chatting with an agent rather than communicating it through a chatbot. When a client contacts your online brand, they would like to be greeted by a human who knows how to handle the client’s issues and inquiries efficiently.

The user wants to feel belonged, and this feeling of belongingness can only be experienced when a live agent understands and actively listen to their queries and resolves their issues. Live communication and active listening help the customer representatives to understand your customer’s perspective and handle it effectively. It also helps in building long term links with the clients increasing their satisfaction levels.

Where Can Chatbot Support the Response, Time Challenges

Clients have a higher level of expectations when it comes to real-time communication. They expect to get a response in the least possible time. This factor majorly contributes to customer excellence. Around 60% of the consumers will purchase from your website if you respond to them under a minute. Giving delayed responses will result in visitors leaving your sites. 

Chatbots are more efficient when it comes to giving immediate responses 24/7. Bots can involve the clients round the clock, which will have a positive influence on your client retention and satisfaction. Chatbots makes sure the client does not have to wait for a long time to get a reply, but they have a fixed database, i.e., Only able to answer simple questions. You can even gather necessary consumer information and qualify leads through bots. Chatbots can be of great help when the customers get stuck on a page or need help with pricing.

On the other hand, live chat empowers the customer support team by giving quick responses to the clients by using canned responses. It also has a minimum queue time and offering real-time support to the customers. Through live chats, you can route the chats to the right team, but chatbots are a good option when a support agent is busy or unavailable. Not every customer’s query is the same, and to answer the technical or complex queries, live chat is good to go. Customers are delighted when they engage in a real-time chat

Converting Sales and getting more Leads

Live chat is an effective way to accelerate the generation of leads and get more sales. It will help the customer support agents to influence an extensive range of clients and convince them to try your services. By initiating conversations with customers in real-time, you can increase your user engagement and get them to buy your products. Live chat is an efficient way of delivering outstanding customer service that compels the clients to revert to your site again and again. It is an ideal facility as compared to chatbots in decreasing the acquisition abandonment. You can capture more leads through integrating live chat feature in CRM to enhance your chance of conversions. It is also useful to eradicate all your client’s confusion related to products and pricing.

How to Make It Cost-Efficient

If you consider live chat above chatbots, then you can save the employee training o additional costs, as there is no need to hire a human for interacting with clients. Although bots are pre-programmed to answer numerous client’s queries, you still need a live agent to tackle complex issues. It can perform repetitive tasks easily but, when it comes to multitasking, live chat is a better option. You can engage with multiple clients at a time. With live chat, you can easily fulfill the changing demands of the customers, which are not possible through integrating bots.

Human Touch Magnifying Customer Satisfaction

Live support is more human and helps the brand in building strong relations with the customers. Both chatbots and live chats are geared towards making the customer experience better. The greater is the level of customer satisfaction, and it will help your brand to gain a competitive advantage. Integrating the right communication tool can increase your brand credibility as well as meet your clients’ expectations. Live chat is a much better option for satisfying your customers as support representatives have to ability to understand your customer’s issues and need and help them without any difficulty. Live agents tend to provide higher efficiency in technical problem solving and query resolution. Chatbots and live chat both can be available for 24/7, but customer loyalty increases when you offer them humanized support. In fact, you can use tools like Kommunicate which come with human and bot handoff.


Customers look for efficient, fast, and personalized support that resolves their issues immediately. Chatbots and live chat both are evolving and have been integrated by many businesses, but live chat proved to be more efficient in terms of tackling customers’ complex issues and offering them trusting support. Customer retention and satisfaction rate is much higher when brands use the live chat feature. 

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