ZERO Budget Marketing For A Conversational Commerce App

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Sinking in money to market a real-time messaging app on social media?

Gloomy groans!

Most of the marketers today don’t realize what their marketing campaign requires the most at the moment. Though money serves as a keystone in a marketing campaign, still there are a slew of other core factors which a marketer needs to consider to ensure the success of his launch.

Imagine you have built a mobile app to foster effective communication with your audience? But how ill you market it is the real struggle. Well, it might astound you, but you can market your conversational commerce application on social media with savvy zero-budget strategies.

Grappling with the arousing emotions of fear and excitement? That’s pretty normal.

Having it out can be a real struggle, and marketers must understand that launching an app in the app stores is not enough. Doing so never tort out groundbreaking results.

As the competition is getting aggressive, the modern-day marketers must lean towards savvy strategies to turn their launch into a box-office hit.

Here’s how you can take deliberate steps to master the skill of increasing visibility, drawing more traffic, and earning more downloads with these smoking hot ways of marketing with zero budget strategies.

This article will clear out myths regarding marketing an app on social platforms and why contemporary entrepreneurs need to think beyond the development budget.

So let’s delve into this marketing boosting strategy to pour in quality traffic while remaining cash positive.


Whether it’s about launching an app on a social platform or captivating fellow mates with your hidden singing talent at a friend’s wedding, marketing seems to be the core of everything which involves attracting the attention of the audience.

While the internet is flooded with a myriad of so-called ‘surefire B2C marketing guides’ however, what remains concealed is that nothing can market a product/service better than a convincing elevator pitch.

Drawing customers is the first half of the plan, the other half is to retain the viewers having short attention spans to trigger a strong will to make them stick to the plan.

Honing the pitch is pivotal to effectively have the word out to the consumers, and if you succeed in winning the trust of your audience. The rest is yours already!

Here are a few basics to shape a perfect pitch:

  1. Integrate social proof.
  2. Figure out the customer’s pain points.
  3. Initiate by revealing your journey and what skills make your brand outshine amidst such intense rivalries.
  4. Forecast major ways to incentivize your audience.


Increasing a brand’s prominence works like a building block for a brand. Compelling visuals get a brand viral like a raging forest fire. Hence it is considered to be the most economical yet one of the most prevalent viable ways to promote an app on a social platform.

Here are some dos to follow to create a viral video that turns out to be a roaring success.


Did you know what’s common amongst all the viral videos out there? It’s the smart triggering of emotions that is somehow interlinked with a sound CTA plan. So ensure you put in that emotional investment to keep your content from falling into the mediocre category.


To incline the right audience, willing to download your app calls for a prudent call to action, which evokes an instantaneous response. You can come up with a subtle CTA by portraying your brand’s ultimate message. Though CTA’s should be low-key, whereas the viral videos require no subtlety as they are primarily created to evoke strong emotions.


Devoting big budgets to the marketing campaigns may not fork out the right traffic. On the other hand, a video with the appropriate content and visuals can incline the traffic keen to download the app.


While videos with quality content are a must to increase the downloads but what’s even more essential is to consider the audio, the sound effects, the frequencies as these factors decide the success of your video. Furthermore, the video should convey its messages as effectually in the sound turned off as it would with the sound turned on.


We all have heard about monetizing our marketing efforts, and a better way to get it done is by collaborating with affiliates and re-sellers.

A big plus of working with affiliates is that the affiliate industry is booming at a staggering pace, so it holds the potential to drive quality traffic. All it requires in return is a commission on each sale drive by the affiliate. No matter which marketing way you choose to proceed with, be sure to keep track of sales and revenue pouring in with an expense tracking software to stay apprised of each transaction.


One hack that still works for marketing an app effectually is the publishing of content that provides value to the readers. In this era, earned media actually matters, well-placed words for your brand can draw a heap of conversions. In case you don’t have a budget to hire expert editors, earned media can be a quick and a surefire way to hack smoldering hot success.

According to some social experts:

Earned media is one of the booming sectors of promotion that your brand can receive. Therefore, investing your efforts and time in the earned media is a safe and guaranteed ROI.

Here are a few smashes to spread the word out about your app that are definite to maximize your marketing efforts.


A raving description about your app or a guest post is also a failsafe way to attract potential audience. Plus, this a subtle yet most underrated way to evoke a sense of urgency in the users to download your app.


A plethora of publications available run recognition programs that reward local brands with categories like Bestselling product of the year, Most innovative’ and much more.
Such recognition programs help brands build up goodwill. Hence drive insane traffic and escalate the viewership of the app/ product/ service.

The best bit is finding such award programs are just a google search away.


Initiate by targeting the local niche sites which work similarly or in compliance with your industry. The press has comparatively higher chances of success than any other media platform.


This guide outlined the top-notch zero budget strategies to market an app on social platforms. These ways do work when your product is exceptionally good and is an answer to the problems of your audience.

Besides all this referrals and word of mouth marketing also fork out desired results and is entirely a $0 budget marketing strategy.

And to wrap it up, I would say keep your consumers happy and satisfied as this takes you a long way. Not to mention a satisfied customer brings out 10x more traffic than any paid campaign, so be sure to do that heedfully.

We are sanguine that this guide will help you promote your app and will broaden your perspective so you can think beyond development costs while planning your zero budget promotion strategy.

The Author

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons.