Language Education App Amikumu Connects Their Worldwide Community Together with Real-Time Chat


An industry-changing language app needed to meet their growing user-base with communication methods that would keep teachers and students engaged, thriving, and learning. A self-described “Tinder for Languages,” Amikumu sought help from Applozic to implement messaging that met these needs, and more.

$ 69,600.00+

Saved on development capital

2200 - 2500 hours

Saved on development time


Richard Delamore, co-founder and CEO of Amikumu, wanted to make it easy (and safe) for local speakers to practice any language, with anyone.

To fix this problem, they created the revolutionary language-learning app Amikumu, to safely and securely connect learners to any language teacher in their vicinity, all at the push of a button. The app, often described as the “Tinder for languages,” is primed to launch up to 7,000 languages for curious users, and officially mark themselves as one of the primary leaders in language education.


Make communication slick, easy, and safe between teachers and students across all app touchpoints

Once their user base grew, the main challenge for Amikumu came with the lack of flexibility in communication options for all users, whether they were teaching a new language, or learning. They needed to find a way to connect users better through their app, while also providing a safe and secure digital environment that would encourage longer session times.

To close these gaps, Richard and team knew they needed to start using a more advanced, flexible messaging system.

After searching far and wide for chat platforms that could provide not just real-time chat, but engaging messaging across all touchpoints of the app experience, they tested and tried multiple options—with little success.


The other problem was that their user base was continuing to grow, rapidly demanding new languages to accommodate rising demand. Adding a powerful messaging option for users was becoming a necessity, and building an in-house solution wasn’t a viable option at that point.

They needed a messaging platform that could operate on the cloud, provide easy instruction to their finger-tied team of developers, and deliver flexible chat that would elevate, not hinder, their revolutionary app.


Using customized in-app messaging to improve the user experience, save time and money for developers, and reap the benefits of real-time chat

When they started using Applozic Chat SDK, Richard was impressed with the flexibility of the platform, how easy it was to implement directly into their app, and the simple documentation that empowered their developers to build and ship in record-time.

Additionally, Richard hoped for a solution that would allow them to customize their messaging to fit their needs.

Since Applozic provides a 100% customizable UI, it proved seamless for Richard and his team to build their chat exactly the way they wanted—for both their team, and their users.

After incorporating Applozic into their app, Amikumu saw significant changes:

  • Saved over $60,000.00 in development costs and capital
  • Created a personalized, customer-centric messaging system directly in their app
  • Saved over 2,000+ hours of development time by outsourcing a quick solution
  • Experienced increased customer satisfaction and retention, thanks to ease of communication between language educators and learners
  • Ability to leverage in-app communication that scales and grows with their brand

Almost immediately, Amikumu grew their customer base, and were able to deliver seamless group and individual chat experiences for their users. This gave their app opportunity to grow in ways they hadn’t seen before, and prompted them to move quickly in establishing more languages to accommodate their loyal customer base.


One thing we loved most about Applozic is their easy-to-understand documentation. This made the overall setup super quick and tentatively saved us 2-3 months of development time

Happy Applozic Customer
Richard Delamore,

Co-Founder & CEO, Amikumu


Seamless, complete messaging that satisfied educators and learners, helped save thousands in development costs, and launched Amikumu to become one of the top up-and-coming language-learning apps

The first experience with Applozic was great for Richard; good enough to keep the ball rolling, and allow the brand to continue building on their messaging platform to deepen their user experience.

Today, Amikumu uses Applozic Messaging SDK to enable direct in-app chat interactions between language educators and learners, enhance communication among speakers of endangered languages and language revivalists, and foster stronger relationships that last during and after app use


According to Richard, one of the most primary uses of Applozic for Amikumu has been to make one-on-one chat (and private, direct messaging) possible for their users. This creates a more trustworthy, intimate environment through the app itself, making it easier for existing users to learn and teach.

These simple, yet incredibly effective, messaging changes encourage better engagement for Amikumu, and currently helps them build a loyal audience and grow their already-raving fanbase.

Richard also pointed out that he’s planning to expand their chat to a group chat feature, so that users can have language-based regional conversations. When that’s live, users will be able to chat with anyone in their region who speak a particular language, potentially boosting engagement.

Ready to see how Applozic Chat SDK can grow your business?

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