The8App Optimizes Communication Between Social Influencers & Brands Using an Advanced Chat Messaging UI


A social networking platform needed a better way to connect social media influencers and brands in their network, while also increasing exposure for all users across the entire platform. Applozic provided them a complete messaging platform, complete with a custom UI that helped brands and influencers connect and engage.

8-12 months

Saved on development time

$ 69,600.00

Saved on development costs


Eugene Stetsko, R&D and VP of Technology at The8App, knew he wanted to help his team create an app that connected social media influencers and brands in one place.

The8App is a social networking and content platform that takes top-performing elements from popular apps like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, and compiles them into one experience. On their platform, brands can connect with influencers and seek exposure as a result, while influencers gain revenue as compensation by allowing them to run advertisements on their content, all paid for by The8App platform.


Countless customer types, not enough variety in messaging for both public and private reach

User experience, and user engagement, are the most important elements of any social platform.

As a first result, Eugene turned to DIY solutions, a potentially easier route to get their team to implement chat quicker than expected. They additionally wanted to save initial costs on development time by choosing this path.

Unfortunately, there were limitations with DIY that Eugene and his team weren’t expecting, but helped them quickly realize that it wasn’t the right option for them.

From custom UI capabilities, to more advanced messaging options for a variety of use cases, the DIY route wasn’t going to cut it in the long run.

Since their target market was primarily millennials, the need to upgrade and customize their UI to suit the needs of these millennial influencers was a vital decision-maker.


After testing the waters with DIY, they switched their attention to a cloud-based, more modernized SaaS solution, so that they could start trusting an alternative that would help them get to market quickly.

During their long search and evaluation, The8App eventually settled on choosing a third-party SDK integration that would allow them flexibility, complete customization, and a secure backend that delivered unmatched data encryption.

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Driving heavy engagement between influencers and brands, while boosting traffic and increasing revenue

When Eugene began using Applozic, he was floored by the experience, outcome, and how the newly evolved The8App platform began seeing explosive growth and engagement.

After extensively researching, testing, and evaluating several potential chat solutions, he ecstatically remarked that Applozic was the only option that provided the exact limitless customization and platform flexibility that they were searching for.

Plus, the hands-on demo with the Applozic solutions experts helped Eugene and his team make the final decision.

Once they completed their demo and went straight ahead into integrating Applozic Messaging SDK into their platform, The8App experienced changes that paved the way for enviable results:

  • Growth in engagement and user count, due to the seamless messaging integration
  • Deployed flexible messaging cross the mobile app experience, improving user interactions for both social media influencers, and the brands they hoped to connect with
  • A secure, scalable backend with end-to-end data encryption
  • Improved response rates with typing indicators, read receipts, and push notifications
  • 100% customizable UI, so that The8App could establish their brand exactly the way they wanted

Their implementation of an advanced messaging UI improved the UX for customers as well. With the importance of digital engagement at an all-time high for millennials, this was a major concern for The8App, and was majorly improved with the integration of advanced, real-time chat.


The flexibility and customizability of Applozic’s SDKs are wonderful. We could build exactly what we want, in much less time than what we thought it would take.

Happy Applozic Customer
Eugene Stetsko,

VP Tech and R&D, The8App


Better retention and engagement across all app interaction points, made possible with an advanced messaging UI that gave The8App complete creative control

The8App continues to rapidly grow in their highly competitive market space, experiencing user-base growth by the thousands, and relishing the fact that they saved plenty of cash and time on outsourcing to Applozic.

With a huge focus on permanently shifting robotic interactions to more human-based, The8App hopes to use real-time messaging to encourage influencers and brands to maintain their relationships on their platform, so that all parties can continuously reap the benefits of their innovative system.


When asked about their progress with their new messaging platform, Eugene remarked that social networking was about building a human touch that boosts engagement, and not just about exchanging simple conversations.

He explains that mobile is a personal device for any user, and messaging is its native UX.

Thanks to improved features he didn’t know he and his team needed for The8App — including push notifications, typing indicators, and read receipts — he was finally able to see customers who were satisfied using his app, especially with their need to stay connected on-the-go.

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