YogaTrail Brings Connectivity to their Worldwide Yoga Network with Advanced In-App Chat


The world’s largest yoga network needed to find a better way to connect their 200,000+ users with each other more effectively (and securely) on their platform. Applozic helped them implement a brand new variation of advanced in-app chat to conquer their messaging milestones, delight users, and keep engagement thriving.

1800 - 2000 hours

Saved on development time


Increase in customer engagement


YogaTrail launched in 2013 as a simple, small yoga community-powered platform, aiming to bring like-minded yoga instructors and eager students together.

Yoga students can actively follow their favorite yoga instructors, schedule and attend virtual classes, see upcoming events and special offerings, and local live yoga gatherings. Yoga professionals love using the app to manage their business and effectively communicate with their clients — while attracting new ones, as well.


Connect yoga instructors to their students using a new, secure, and more reliable communication strategy

Once their user base grew, the team at YogaTrail knew they needed to find a better way to bridge the communication gap between yoga instructors, and eager-to-learn students.

Instructors were struggling to connect with their students on a more personal level, and engagement suffered as a result. Users were frustrated with the long journey it took for them to just send messages and ask questions from their instructors.

These problems were only exacerbated by issues with their industry-specific needs, as yoga communities require a more human, personal touch that isn’t always available in the world of advanced messaging.

Since YogaTrail is a community-powered platform, reaching out to not just individual students, but a wide a large group of people at one time, was a necessity, not a luxury.

Teachers needed to communicate in a more broadcast-friendly way that could address multiple people at once, while avoiding the “group chat” scenario that would prompt too many voices to speak at the same time.


Eventually, Sven Ernst, CTO of YogaTrail, decided that in order to fix these issues, they needed to figure out how to incorporate direct messages, major announcements, inquiries, and more conversational topics to be addressed through one-on-one real-time communication.

Once they defined this issue, Sven and team ran into another problem: to build their solution by themselves in-house, or outsource a real-time chat platform.

After extensive research and testing, they realized that trying to build everything themselves would take much more time, end up being way more expensive, and take considerable development effort that needed more flexibility for other tasks.


Transforming the app messaging experience from clunky and misdirected, to focused and multifaceted — made possible with advanced real-time chat

Trusting a messaging infrastructure overhaul to an outsourced chat solution isn’t always the easiest decision to make.

For Sven and his team, after crunching the numbers on how much time it would take (and how much it would cost) to develop a chat solution in-house, it was a no-brainer.

And so, he reached out to Applozic, and after being led through an in-depth demo walkthrough, knew he needed this tool to help him and the YogaTrail brand accelerate their messaging to new heights.

From better, more cohesive chat messaging, to flexible scalability, YogaTrail used Applozic Chat to:

  • Actively connect their user base of over 200,000 yoga enthusiasts with real-time chat
  • Enhance the in-app community experience by implementing one-on-one and broadcast chat messaging
  • Enable yoga instructors to engage with their students directly, allowing them to provide custom plans and consultations through private conversations
  • Deploy advanced UI components: read receipts, typing indicators, offline and online status indicators, and additional notifications

After integrating Applozic Chat SDK into their app, YogaTrail experienced near-immediate changes that massively increased user engagement and saved thousands of hours saved on development time.


We were planning a static intercom system with much less complexity, but with Applozic we not only saved the development time, but also got a far more advanced product: real-time chat!

Happy Applozic Customer
Sven Ernst,

CTO, YogaTrail


Fluid solo and broadcast chat messaging, thousands of happy users both new and long-lasting, and increased engagement across all community interactions

Sven recalls that one of the priorities he wanted to make possible for YogaTrail was a variation of “broadcast messaging” that could be delivered through real-time chat.

By using this more advanced feature, admins would be able to send bulk messages to users through one-on-one conversations.

With the Applozic Chat SDK, his innovative team of developers were able to upload a feature-loaded chat component into their app directly, with appropriate UI components to elevate and unify any user experience.


Sven makes it clear that his original plans for a more basic, limited solution wouldn’t have worked for what he strives to do now, which includes growing the community on YogaTrail and fostering the 200,000+ users who already thrive on the platform.

“We especially appreciate Applozic’s flexibility,” says Sven, several weeks after implementing the platform for the first time, “we interviewed a dozen “big players” in the chat application space, but then we decided on Applozic—not only because of Applozic’s product features, but also because of the team’s awesome responsiveness.”

Ready to see how Applozic Chat SDK can grow your business?

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