Chat UI design

Design beautiful chat app UI at blazing speed

An eye-catching chat UI design separates you from the rest. Build your own beautiful messaging experiences with a customizable chat UI design kit that empowers your users to trust, love, and come back to your app again and again.

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What is a Chat UI Kit?
A chat UI kit is a kit of features you can instantly incorporate and build into your chat messaging apps.
A good UI kit gives developers design tools to map out an app’s internal structure, add icons and widgets, illustrate the visuals for the entire interface, build unique typography and color palettes, and improve the overall UX.
A great chat UI kit will give you all of that, plus the support of flexible customization that works all throughout the flow of your app. UI kits make it simple for developers to design a messaging app with the brand’s personality front-and-center.
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What can you do with a Chat UI Kit?

Developers use chat UI kits to build, design, and customize user interfaces for their customers.

Without a chat UI kit, you’re playing a guessing game on how your users will interact with your chat app, and losing insight on what you can improve visually to make each interaction seamless. Adding a chat UI kit to your development can help your team create and deliver modern messaging experiences.

A chat UI kit should take the stress away from your team, not add to it. Our engineers at Applozic have created a 100% customizable UI kit for developers in any industry; designed to customize to any individual screen, component level, and brand styles and preferences.

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Do you need a Chat UI Kit?
Short answer? Yes. A chat UI kit is essential for any use case or industry.
In fact, implementing a chat UI kit into your design process can improve your messaging interfaces across mobile and web, so that your brand impresses new and existing customers across all touchpoints. This builds genuine trust with customers and encourages them to stick around.
On top of that, a fully-functional chat UI kit and UI design enables developers to design on their own terms to make messaging interfaces for both web, iOS, Android devices.. user-friendly.
Applozic’s chat UI kit offers easy templates, ready-made components, and screens to easily integrate into your app. Plus, it comes bundled with the SDK, or can be leveraged without it to give you complete control and flexibility over a vast collection of free source files.
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What Can You Do with a Chat UI Kit?

Just a few benefits you’ll get out of a chat UI kit...


Build trust with customers


Make beautiful chat apps in hours


Grow your brand reputation


Show off your brand personality


Create memorable chat experiences


Elevate your online presence


Connect online communities


Improve web and mobile UX


Simplify user interactions


Increase conversions and revenue

The Chat UI Kit Essentials

A Chat UI Design Kit should be flexible enough to fit your brand’s needs, powerful enough to support development across mobile and web, secure enough to handle conversations in simple and complex flows, and functional enough to evolve with you as you grow.

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Easy Design Flows

Chat UI design should flow through the entire infrastructure of your app. Maintaining consistency is just one of many features a UI design kit can provide to ensure your users are getting a beautiful experience firsthand from mobile to web.

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Cross-Platform Adaptation

Siloed channels are a thing of the past. Good chat UI design encourages cross-platform adaptation for developers to avoid restricting to one platform. To address multiple user types and flows, a chat UI kit makes the back-and-forth across multiple platforms not only possible, but enjoyable.

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Chat Messaging UI

Users are always acting on-and-off your chat app. A UI design kit helps you create custom interactions, big and small, for any type of user. Actions like reading, replying, sending, typing, sharing media, and more interactions can get a major boost with modern UI design.

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Web & Mobile Chat UX

Create a web and mobile chat UX without having to outsource extra tools. A powerful UI design kit helps mobile and web developers power up individual and unique messaging UX for your brand.

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Style Customization

Without 100% modern customization, you’re not going to stand out. A powerful chat UI design kit allows for complete control over style customization, from color choices to font styles.

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Programmable Building Blocks

Drag-and-drop features are a must-have for any business. Developers can save plenty of time and money building a chat app with a UI design kit that puts programmable building blocks at the center of their creative vision.

channel-integration channel-integration

Private & Group Chat Channels

Users crave a variety of experiences. It’s your job to provide those, easily. Use a chat UI design kit to enable simple development and beautiful, feature-rich design for private and group messaging channels.

security-privacy security-privacy

UI for Rich Media Messaging

Rich media includes attaching files, videos, images, and other attachments your users will want to share with each other. A chat UI design kit makes these interactions enjoyable to perform but also rewarding for every conversation shared.

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Chat Icons & Illustrations

Chat icons are a perfect way for users to learn how to use your app and navigate with ease. Use a chat UI design kit to bring your chosen icons to life across your chat app.

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On-Brand Typography

Make your brand fonts unique and suited to you. Chat UI design makes this process simple for developers and even easier to integrate. Upload fonts from Google or your own beloved designs.

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Chat Messaging Emojis

Emojis are huge for consumers nowadays. Use a chat UI design kit to implement emojis directly into message responses as automatic replies.

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Customizable Artboards

Artboards are clean UX interfaces for web and mobile, either provided to you or created by you using a chat UI design kit. Customize your artboards the way you wish and clear up unwanted flaws before you go live.

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Complete Chat Security

A fully-functional UI design kit encourages built-in security for all transactions and messaging. Confidently build your chat app and keep customers relaxed and reassured while you do.

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Typing Indicators & Read Receipts

Read receipts and typing indicators keep interactions fresh and informative for users. Use a chat UI design kit to incorporate these micro-functions easily into your chat app.

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Personalized Micro-Interactions

Elevate the user experience with personalized micro-interactions. Use a chat UI design kit to make every greeting, reply, reaction, shared media file, sent emoji, messaging thread, and more fulfilling interactions for consumers.

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Scalable Chat UI & UX

There’s no use of a chat UI design kit that doesn’t scale with you as you grow. See how Applozic’s UI kit helps you incorporate pre-built features into your chat app. As you grow, add additional features without sacrificing performance.

Cookie-cutter UI design NEVER works

From a distance, chat UI design seems too complicated to do on your own… but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s why choosing a customizable UI design option is the best option for businesses.


Creative Control

No matter how many artboards or font choices you have on hand, your brand is still its own. Custom design gives developers full creative control so your chat app represents your brand the way you want.


Prebuilt Advantage

Prebuilt or from scratch? Starting from scratch and outsourcing is more expensive and takes months to complete. Prebuilt UI building blocks cut costs and development time in half.


Showcase Unique Features

Chat UI design kits help developers start with basic programmable building blocks that take the guesswork out of beautiful chat app design and put your app’s features front-and-center.


Easy Prototyping

A chat UI design kit can help businesses create quick, easy prototypes for simple sharing functions and presentations in a fraction of the time.


Simple & Clean Building

Many prebuilt UI design kits have overcomplicated sets and too many design options. Though, some (like ours) make navigation easy and enjoyable for developers.


Saves Time & Money

Utilizing a chat UI design kit helps predict costs and timelines, leading to thousands of dollars and hours saved for development and production.

Mobile Chat App UI & UX Design
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