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Applozic powered rich Messenger brings connectivity among the Learning community

The Tinder for languages connects users worldwide with real-time chat built using Applozic.

Applozic powered rich Messenger brings connectivity among the Learning community

With a community powered approach to learning, Amikumu is certainly changing the way people connect and practice languages. Right from the outset, they witnessed an ever-growing user base and a rising demand in them to rapidly add further languages. These were signs enough to add Messaging as a core product offering. While building an in-house solution was always an option, going the SaaS way seemed a better bet, as it not only saved considerable amount of development time but it was also economical.

$69,600 (approx.)

Saved on Development Capital

2200-2500 Hours

Saved on Development Time

The Challenge

Richard and his team, realized the need for a safe and easy way to find local speakers to practice any language with. The result was Amikumu, which can be safely proclaimed as the Tinder for languages. Amikumu eliminates the necessity for prearranged meetups that do not always fit into one’s schedule and replaces it with In-app Messaging and Real-time Chat. Thus one can practice languages from any place at one’s convenient schedule. Hence connectivity between users by means of Messaging was an immediate need.

The urgency to roll out Messaging as a feature called for integrating a 3rd party SDK that could get them up and running immediately, rather than going the DIY way. The team at Amikumu evaluated a handful of CPaaS platforms, but Applozic seemed the best bet due to the ease of customizability and its detailed documentation.

“One thing we loved most about Applozic, is their easy-to-understand documentation. This made the overall setup super quick and tentatively saved us 2-3 months of development time”

- Richard Delamore, Co-Founder & CEO – Amikumu

The Solution

Messaging solution built using Applozic fit in absolutely seamlessly into the Amikumu app. This enabled Amikumu’s users get up and running instantly. The users now can leverage the in-built Messenger to communicate with native speakers of the language of their choice at any place. This not only helped people practice languages but also as Prof. Ghil’ad Zuckermann pointed out has the potential to enhance communication among speakers of endangered languages and language revivalists.

Of the many communication modes that Applozic supports, Amikumu currently leverages one-to-one chat to enable direct private conversation between two users. The Tinder’esque technique where users can find nearby speakers of a particular language and then chat with them, has helped Amikumu garner strong engagement.

In a recent chat with Richard, he also mentioned that soon they will be using the Group Chat feature, so that users can have Language-based regional groups. Users will therefore be able to chat with anyone in their region who speaks a particular language. This he believes will massively boost engagement.