"India's premier Automobile trading platform connects Buyers and Sellers on a single platform with "Cross Platform, Multi Device Sync""

CarTrade makes the laborious process of selecting and purchasing a Used-Car seamless. It connects customers looking for Used Car with different Dealers offering the same in their area. Customers have the benefit of interacting with Dealers via in-app chat, and can therefore be enlightened about the specifications, which ultimately helps them review all options from a single window and make an informed decision.

Never leave a customer in a fix:

Through the in-app messaging plugin CarTrade aimed to provide customers a single platform for Car Selection, followed by Consideration via information exchange and negotiations with Dealers and finally making the purchase decision. The consideration step being the most critical in the Purchase Funnel is advisable to be within the purview of the app, but prior to the integration of Applozic’s Chat SDK, most customers used other avenues like Whatsapp, Telephonic interaction for the same. This ultimately left the customer open to exploitation and confusion and also reduced the monitoring from the host’s end.

In-app Messaging is the answer:

Applozic’s Chat SDK provides a Chat platform where Buyer and Seller can initiate a conversation, revisit it whenever they want, and thereby make the purchase process a seamless one. It also has additional benefits of sending Push Notifications etc. which is explained further in the Use Case below.

Use Case Name:

Enquire about a Car from a Dealer


  • Registered Customer (Has an account with the app (CarTrade) with contact info.)
  • Dealer


The User expresses interest in a particular listing and attempts to contact the Dealer via Chat


User has a working internet connection, has shortlisted from among the listings, and contacts the advertiser via Chat.

Normal Flow:

  • Interested User contacts the Dealer and expresses interest.
  • The Dealer gets a notification on the separate app dedicated for Car Dealers.
  • Due to Cross App Chat functionality, which connect users on separate apps into a single communication channel Customer-Dealer Chat is initiated.
  • All negotiations and related discussions takes place within the app via 0ne-0ne conversation, between Buyer and Dealer.
  • This increases in-app engagement and retention and the possibility of Data point Collection.
  • Both parties can send and receive attachments via Chat, in this case Car images and copies of related documents.
  • Video and Audio call plugin allows Call functionality between Users thereby increasing further engagement.
  • Group Chat feature allows Dealer to advertise any form of promotional offers etc. to their particular group of customers.

Alternative Flow:

  • In case of no internet connectivity or offline status at either of the ends, there is an option of SMS/Email Fallback.
  • Dealer gets notified about User interest/demographic and can engage and put forward their value proposition accordingly.


The example case shows how utilizing Applozic’s highly scalable, fully customizable, White Label Chat SDK it is possible to enable in-app chat and messaging features thereby increasing engagement and reducing migration away from app. The UI toolkit being open source and customizable, it is possible to clone the SDK and build anything on top of it.