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Ayoga ActBOT leverages Applozic powered messaging to enable Enterprise Mobility

With Real-time Messaging, DesignSense increases the productivity of all Field Engineers.

Ayoga ActBOT leverages Applozic powered messaging to enable Enterprise Mobility

Ayoga ActBOT is a simple, interactive mobile and web based chat application that connects Project Members and Ayoga in a virtual office environment. Built on the Applozic chat framework, Ayoga ActBOT reduces the training and response time of Field Engineers. With a simple notification mechanism, it allows project members to respond to RFIs, send attachments, fill Daily Progress Reports and update their work progress through a familiar chat interface. Project members can also collaborate with enterprises to resolve queries and issues on the go. Consequently users tend to be more responsive and proactive when on field.


Field Engineers don’t require Hands-on Training

The Challenge

We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Arumuga Nainar, Co-Founder & MD of DesignSense Technologies to understand his views on real-time messaging for remote workforce management. He rightly pointed out that instant messaging is an integral part of any enterprise mobility solution for project management. While most Field Engineers use WhatsApp for collaboration with various stakeholders, he believes a secured environment for such communication is necessary. He pointed out that Field Engineers often feel the dearth of training manuals and expert guidance when on the field of work. Real-time Messaging at this point can give them ready access to seasoned employees and with AI it is also possible to populate relevant training material on Chat based on their search. When asked about how he perceives Applozic’s solution and services so far, he was generous with his praises for us.

“Applozic Messaging solutions helped us provide a secure communication platform to our customers. Their support during integration made us choose them over other providers.”

- Arumuga Nainar, Co-Founder & Managing Director - DesignSense Technologies

The Solution

Real-time Messaging as Mr. Nainar pointed out simplified the mobile app adoption among all of Ayoga’s users. Currently 80% of all Ayoga users are on the mobile app, and this group of users don’t require any type of hands-on training, thus reducing the training time and cost immensely. This is because Ayoga ActBOT which is an AI-powered framework, feeds relevant information to Engineers as and when queried, and simultaneously updates all information shared, onto a central repository. The best part is all this can be done through a very user friendly and overly familiar chat interface. He further told that Applozic synced in smoothly with all the other cogs in the giant wheel that is Ayoga, and this helped them build all these functionalities in and around chat very easily.