"Eezyrent built a hassle free property Rental Experience with a fair mix of One - to - One Topic Based Chat."

Eezyrent is a Property Rental site, with a twist. Unlike the conventional websites, everything on eezyrent is genuine and authentic and the best part there is no broker’s intervention. This allows eezyrent to let users rent effortlessly, without paying brokerage. And if that’s not all, eezyrent allows everything in residential search, ranging from property search – both entire and shared to searching tenants as well as flat mates.

The need for communication:

The platform capabilities and features that eezyrent provides to its users, needs a lot of information exchange between users. Hence arises the need for building an end-to-end communication channel. With Applozic’s easily customizable SDK, eezyrent has built a responsive and agile communication channel that allows users to seamlessly chat among themselves. As a result it becomes convenient for users to go ahead in their property search.

Real-Time Chat, connecting users on the go:

In most of India’s suburbs, finding a suitable place for rent is a pain and so is finding a suitable tenant. While eezyrent provides a platform to address both the issues, connecting the end users via a reliable communication platform was the next immediate requirement for them. Eezyrent integrated our SDK within their app to facilitate real time chat between users, via which a potential property seeker can directly chat with a property owner and enquire about the property of interest. The use case can be extended to tenants looking for flat mates and vice versa.

UI customization to enable Context Based Chat:

There is no one size that fits all, similarly for different businesses there are different needs that needs to be addressed. For eezyrent, Context based chat – was a priority. The Use Case arose from the fact that a single property owner can have multiple property listings in the same city and also in different cities, and when a single potential tenant shows interest in more than one such listing and tries to contact the owner over chat, segregating the different properties becomes difficult. To solve the issue eezyrent customized their UI to segregate chats based on the property being discussed. The following use case demonstrates a typical example.

Use Case name:

A potential tenant looking for information about two separate listings by same property owner.


  • A potential tenant or property buyer
  • The property owner.

The Typical Flow:

  • A property seeker shortlists more than one property listing made by a single owner within the same city.
  • The potential tenant then enquires about the two listings from the same owner.
  • Due to integration of Context Based chat, the two conversations remain independent of one another and takes place in separate chat windows.
  • The conversation can be revisited anytime and referenced independent of one another
  • Therefore if one property gets sold in the meantime, the Chat window referencing to the sold property automatically closes and the other Chat Window referencing to the other property remains, thus preserving all the Chat History.


Online Real – Estate marketplaces have seen a tremendous spike in the recent years. Real – Estate buying and selling requires a lot of information exchange, and hence communication can play a key role in the success of such apps. We have seen a lot of Use Cases lately in the same industry and the numbers are tending to rise with time. Context based chat implemented by eezyrent is a handy feature that can be useful across most of the apps operating in this industry and outside.