"Built a great Event Organizing experience by enabling Group Chat between all participants."

Explara is India’s biggest marketplace for events and experiences, in your city and beyond. They curate and make available events and experiences across verticals, so that you’re never short of things to see and places to go. With Explara’s Event Management platform organizing events is simple and participating is extremely delightful. Explara offers features that supports everything from pre-event preparations, Event-day management to Point of Sales & After-sales support. Organizations like Microsoft Ventures, Lean Startup Machine, The Indus Entrepreneurs are a part of its clientele list.

Need to communicate:

Events are for the people and these people make events successful. Anyone interested in attending an event would love to discuss about the same with fellow attendees and the organizer as well. This increases the likelihood of active participation and also increases the Engagement level of attendees. With increase in the number of active participants the probablity of the event being a success increases. As a result Explara realised the importance of adding a communication layer to their platform, that would allow users to chat with one another.

Group Chat, Connecting all attendees of a particular Event:

Explara realised that group dynamics is an essential part of Event Management, and as a result realised the need to incorporate Group Chat in their apps. While building their own Chat was an option, they realised that this would take considerable time and recurring effort and capital. They looked for a 3rd party customizable Chat SDK and they zeroed in on Applozic. This was basically due to the ease with which our SDK can be customized to suit the needs of entirely different businesses.

Customization to facilitate Topic Based Group Chat:

Applozic’s Chat SDK supports Group Chat among various other features. A few changes here and there to the base code for specific customizations and Explara integrated Group Chat to their app. This made it possible for Event Organizers to make Event-specific groups and invite all participants to touch base with one another. It also became a single point for all major Announcements. Attendees could also give major proposals for organizers to consider via the same channel.

The following Use Case demnstrates a typical example:

Use Case name:

The organizer of a Trekking Event creates a Group for all Registered Users:


  • Participants
  • Organizer

The Typical Flow:

  • The organizer of the Trekking Event creates a group - referencing to the Event.
  • The organizer invites all Registered Participants to join the group.
  • Participants join the group and engage in Real Time Discussion with fellow participants.
  • The organizer can also make major announcements via the group to the participants.
  • Users can also make Topic Based Groups based on their interests and invite fellow enthusiasts.
  • Users can also join relevant Groups based on their interests and engage in discussion and knowledge sharing with fellow members.


Online event portals like Expalra have made organizing events a breeze. Ease of use has made it a popular method to advertise and gather leads. However, communication plays a key role in success of such applications, as increased User Engagement is vital. Topic Based Group Chat implemented by Explara is a handy feature that can be useful across most of the apps operated in this industry.