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Applozic powered Communication solutions bring connectivity across Event stakeholders

Real-time Messaging allowed Explara build 10X more engagement in their white label event apps.

Applozic powered Communication solutions bring connectivity across Event stakeholders

Seamless communication is the only enabler of collaboration and successful events thrive on effective collaboration. Explara, being the visionary company that they are, realized the need to add a Communication layer to their offering. They needed it as a medium to allow all stakeholders, be it organizers, promoters or attendees, to converse among themselves. Staying ahead of the curve was a major consideration for Explara, hence building an in-house Communication Suite was never an option. After considering a handful of solutions, Explara ultimately decided to go with Applozic, and the results have been wonderful


Avg. Increase in Engagement

More than 3-4 months

Saved on Development Time

The Challenge

The need for Explara was that of an end-to-end Communication Suite that can be integrated into their white label event apps, which they distribute to their customers. The purpose was to allow their customers, who generally are the event organizers, contact volunteers and potential clients directly within the app and make major announcements to them. The ultimate aim was to help with promotion of the event and build engagement towards it.

Being the market leaders, spontaneity was a major concern for Explara as the need for Messaging was urgent and staying ahead of competitors was highly important. Therefore building in-house was never an option, as Explara believed in concentrating on their own awesome product and leave the messaging part to those who do it best.

In a recent chat with us, Anudeep Android Lead at Explara, was extremely generous with praises for the Applozic support team. He mentioned that although they considered a handful of other solutions, the clarity of the documentation and excellent support swayed them in our direction.

“We wanted to enable direct communication between various event participants across event mobile apps powered by Emaxio to increase the in-app engagement. Applozic had been extremely good at powering messaging. Integration was quick and easy. Applozic has a world class support team”

- Anudeep Jutur, Android Lead - Explara

The Solution

As a manufacturer of White Label Event apps, every app that they distribute to their customer has its own specific requirements. The colour, the layout and every minute detail has to complement the customer’s brand identity and be in tandem with the theme. Therefore ease of customizability was an important concern for Explara.

Anudeep went at length discussing about the same and mentioned that the open source nature of the Applozic SDKs was a major help. The ease of customizability coupled with round the clock support saved considerable amount of Development time.

We also had the opportunity to have a few words with Avish Hakani, Marketing Lead at Explara and he mentioned that one more reason for considering Applozic was because unlike most other solution providers, Applozic is not limited only to chat. With Applozic it is possible to have a complete communication suite, be it Chat, In-app Messaging, Audio/Video calling etc. coupled with holistic UI components. He was delighted to inform that soon Explara will be going ahead with Enterprise rollout of their white label solutions and would be exploring the use cases of all other features that Applozic has to offer.