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Applozic powered in-app chat makes social shopping possible

Messaging allows Look At Me users get personalized fashion recommendations, from dedicated style consultants.

Applozic powered in-app chat makes social shopping possible

Look At Me brings concierge fashion to your smart phones with in-app messaging. This revives the old-school traditional approach to shopping, in modern e-commerce setups. With in-app messaging Look At Me users can chat directly with dedicated fashion consultants and have items exclusively handpicked for them. This way users get the personalized attention that only retail setups could offer so far, from the comforts of their home. To power curated shopping, where users have access to fashion advice from qualified fashion stylists, Look At Me felt the need for in-app chat functionality. Integrating Applozic’s Chat & Messaging SDK, got them up and running within no time and the results have been wonderful since


Increase in overall Screen Views


Increase in Session Length


Increase in screen views/session

The Challenge

Abhishek and his team realized the need to bridge the gap between traditional & online commerce. The brainchild i.e. Look At Me, where users get dedicated fashion advice, needed a communication medium to connect the users with their stylists. The need was of a chat widget to power in-app chat, to allow users to converse with their stylists. Users can hence send all relevant specifications to stylists over chat, and get exclusive feedbacks & handpicked suggestions tailor made for the occasion they want it for.

Latest fashion advice from professional stylists also help users stay up-to-date with all the latest trends in apparels & personal fashion. The team at Look At Me hence rolled out the messaging feature to its users as a major component to their application. Hence the urgency to build messaging was utmost and also the need was of that a robust platform with consistent uptime guarantees. Look At Me, therefore decided to outsource all their messaging requirements to us, considering the fact that fulfilling businesses’ messaging requirement is what we do best. Look At Me on the other hand could focus on their own awesome product with complete set of resources at their disposal.

“The speed of integration and the increase in app session length as a result of in-app chat between users and fashion stylists is a boon for us. Love the customizability of Applozic's messaging solutions ”

- Abhishek Jaiswal, Product Lead - Look At Me Fashion

The Solution

Look At Me currently uses the one-to-one chat feature of Applozic Chat SDK, to enable direct in-app chat between users and fashion stylists. In a recent chat with Abhishek Jaiswal, Chief Product Architect @ Look At Me, he explained how they leverage in-app chat for user onboarding and in giving guided walkthroughs to users.

Every new user, when they fire up the app is prompted to feed in a few specific details about themselves and the requirement they want to make the purchase for. On filling up this data the user is redirected to the chat window. The data on the other hand gets passed on to the fashion stylist, who then uses it to make personalized recommendations to the user on chat.

Abhishek also mentioned that the in-app session length per visit have increased due to this. Our internal research shows a direct correlation between session length and in-app transactions. Abhishek was however skeptical about less impact of this feature on increasing user retention and said they are looking into some sort of automation to stay on top of the mind of users. He went further to inform that push notifications and in-app messaging, might well be something that he could look into, to integrate the above.