"Build a great Property Rental Experience with Real-Time Context Based Chat."

MagicBricks.com is India's No 1 Property portal and has been adjudged as the most preferred property site in India, by independent surveys. The portal provides a platform for property buyers and sellers to locate properties of interest and source information on the real estate space in a transparent and unambiguous manner. With many smart features, like Intuitive Map Search – for easy and quick browsing and Real Time Chat – allowing users to Connect with just a click, MagicBricks is unparalleled in effectiveness.

Right information, Right Time, Right Channel:

We take pride in saying that MagicBricks was one of our early adopters and has continued with us since then. The Real Estate Marketplace, unlike other marketplaces requires much more connectivity between buyer and seller for better operational efficiency. This is mostly because buying, selling and renting of property requires far more information sharing both to and fro between Buyer and Seller. This is mainly so, because Property dealing has many aspects to it – like the specifications, the legal aspects etc.

The challenge for MagicBricks was enabling an end-to-end communication platform within their app, specifically for two reasons:

The revolution that is Conversational Commerce:

  • Users resorted to external modes of communication, like WhatsApp etc. which ultimately resulted in lower Customer Engagement and Retention
  • Dependence on external platform, resulted in loss of humungous amount of Customer Data which could be insightful from an Analytical point of view.

The Solution:

Well the solution was simple: Enabling Real Time Chat between Buyers and Sellers. Now there were two ways for it; one was to build it by themselves but that would have required significant amount of development time, effort and cost and recurring maintenance cost as well, (Read more about the Build vs Buy conflict here) the second was to integrate a Readymade SDK into their platform, and be relieved of all worries at once. Moreover our SDK being fully customizable and White Label, it was easy for MagicBricks to modify it according to their requirements and Brand Identity. Thus, as MagicBricks focused on their awesome product, we made the communication part simple for them.

UI Customization to suit specific needs:

There is no one size that fits all and typically for B2B businesses like ours, where the needs and specifications of every business is different we have strived very hard to build a flexible and robust platform to meet different situations. Magic Bricks being an Online Property Marketplace – has hundreds of properties listed on its portal at the same time. Buyer – Seller Interaction being the primary requisite, Magic Bricks wanted to take a step further by building Context Based Chat to give the best UX. Context Based Chat allows the same set of two or more users to chat among one another on separate windows based on the Context about which the conversation is taking place. Therefore this helps the users to keep track of the ongoing conversation and be notified about the recent happenings with each context, which would have been much difficult had all conversations been taken place in a single window.

Example Use Case

  • Seller has three properties listed on Magic Bricks (Prop X, Prop Y, Prop Z)
  • Buyer shows interest on Chat about all the 3 properties.
  • Due to Context Based Chat – each of these above mentioned Conversation will take place in 3 different windows separately, marked by the names of the properties.
  • The advertiser can simultaneously evaluate the bid of all interested candidates by communicating with them over chat and asking relevant information.
  • Thereby it becomes easy for the Seller to notify the Buyer about updates pertaining to different properties via separate windows, thereby enabling clarity in communication.
  • Also it becomes easy for Buyer to be updated about recent developments and take his/her decision based on it.
  • The Audio Video plugin would also allow for remote conversations if need be and can also be used for other purposes.


Magic Bricks being one of India’s most loved and trusted companies, left no stones unturned in giving its customers the best possible UI and thereby an unmatched UX. We are proud to be partners in helping them achieve the same and will be thankful to them for being our Early Adopters. Communication in an Online Marketplace is highly essential and helps a lot in the Decision Making process. Integrating Applozic’s Chat & Messaging SDK, has helped Magic Bricks build a complete end – to – end Communication platform for smooth and efficient communication between all the stakeholders.