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Applozic powered Messaging UI powers communication across The8App network

8App connects brands with influencers and their social audience with messaging and content.

Applozic powered Messaging UI powers communication across The8App network

Social Networks thrive on engagement and engagement is built by communication. The idea behind The8App being that of influencers promoting brand messages across their network, it was essential that influencers share a strong bond with their audience. As an enabler they needed a robust communication channel with all the latest UI components to connect their millions of users. Thus messaging came forth as a core feature requirement of The8App platform. Although DIY was considered for building a messaging solution, The8App later decided to go the SaaS way. This was basically to save on the initial Development cost & time and also to be able to focus on their own awesome product and leave the messaging part to those who do it best. After considering a handful of solutions, The8App relied on Applozic for all their communication needs, and the results have been wonderful

8-12 months

Saved on Development Time


Saved on Development Cost

The Challenge

Messaging requirements and use cases vary across industries. Going the SaaS way, although is a huge time saver can later pose problems with the scalability and flexibility. For Social Networks esp. where the User Experience (UX) needs to be absolutely top notch, these factors play an even major role. The ease of customization of the UI is another factor since the look and feel should be consistent and vibrant enough to resonate with the Internet millennials. Hence choosing a 3rd party SDK was no less difficult and The8App considered all these factors during their search and evaluation.

In a recent chat with Eugene Stetsko, the Vice President of Technology at The8App, he explicitly mentioned that they evaluated a handful of solutions other than Applozic but the ease of customizability and the flexibility of Applozic’s platform from the development point of view was unmatched. He also mentioned that the hands-on demo platform that showed messaging in action was a major help in decision making.

“The flexibility & customizability of Applozic's SDKs are wonderful. We could build exactly what we want, in much less time than what we thought it would take. ”

- Eugene Stetsko, VP Tech & R&D – The8App

The Solution

The8App currently uses Applozic to give their users a complete messaging solution with all the fundamental UI components. Eugene in his latest conversation with us, mentioned that messaging esp. for Social Networking platforms is not only about exchanging conversations. It’s more about building a human touch that boosts engagement, and we couldn’t agree more. Mobile is a personal device and messaging is its native UX. The minute intricacies like having a typing indicator or displaying read receipts goes a long way into building that human touch. We believe that messaging is the email for mobile apps and hence should have in-built features for sharing any type of payloads, be it the user’s location or any form of rich content. Eugene reaffirmed our belief when he mentioned that such features did a great job in appealing to The8App users, as it satisfied their need to stay connected on the go.