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YogaTrail brings connectivity to the World’s Yoga Community with Applozic powered Messenger

Rich Messenger UI for 1-to-many and 1-to-1 Messaging helped YogaTrail boost their User Engagement by more than 10X.

YogaTrail brings connectivity to the World’s Yoga Community with Applozic powered Messenger

Launched in 2013, YogaTrail started off as a small community-powered platform. But with over 200,000 Yoga instructors and students (and millions of classes listed in more than 100 countries), building real connectivity became a priority for the platform. It needed a medium that would allow instructors to reliably communicate with their students, while providing all users with ‘best in class’ features, too. After considering a custom “built in house” solution, they decided to integrate Applozic into their application - with wonderful results.


Increase in Customer Engagement

1800-2000 Hours

Saved on Development Time

The Challenge

For every community powered platform, adding a communication layer to the UI is near mandatory, and the case of YogaTrail was no different. But the world of yoga has it’s own special challenges: teachers need to communicate lots of students in “broadcast” mode, while avoiding “group chat” where everyone is talking at the same time. To really make YogaTrail useful for instructors, it was essential that students could get direct messages and major announcements from their teachers and studios, but also important for Yoga Students to connect with instructors to get their queries resolved via 1:1 chat in real time.

Once the general idea was in place, YogaTrail faced the Build vs Buy Dilemma; they realized that building one’s own Chat application would take considerable amount of time, money and development effort - not only upfront, but also on a recurring basis in terms of maintenance and upkeep. They decided to focus on their own awesome product and let Applozic take care of the Messaging infrastructure.

“We were planning a static intercom system with much less complexity, but with Applozic we not only saved the development time, but also got a far more advanced product - real time chat!”

- Sven Ernst, CTO – YogaTrail

The Solution

Every business is different and has different requirements. For product integrations in particular, a lot of details must be considered. Of course, the UI should complement the parent product, the APIs need to be robust and bug-free, and the backend needs to be in sync. But because of special requirements for each business, the ease with which a 3rd party app is customizable plays a major part. Custom feature requests are quite common, and Applozic does very well in that regard. Ours is a boutique messaging platform that can support pretty much any type of messaging use case.

For YogaTrail, it was “message broadcasting” for sending out bulk messages to multiple users who could each reply in 1:1 chats. The use case being very generic and also owing to the flexibility of our SDK, building a feature loaded Messenger with all UI components (Typing Indicators, Online/Offline Status, Read receipts etc.) took hardly a day and integration was completed very quickly.

“We especially appreciate Applozic’s flexibility. We interviewed a dozen “Big players” in the chat application space, but then we decided on Applozic not only because of Applozic’s product features, but also because of their team’s awesome responsiveness.”

            - Sven Ernst, CTO – YogaTrail