"Connects Yoga Instructors with Yoga Enthusiasts via 1:1 Chat"

YOGATRAIL puts the world’s largest yoga network in the palm of your hand. With over 100,000 teachers and studios, and more than 1 million classes and coverage in 101 countries, Yoga Trail gives users quick access to upcoming local and international Yoga events. Yoga Trail makes it possible for users to follow their favourite Yoga instructors and Yoga studios from anywhere on the globe, making managing one’s yoga schedule a breeze.

Hassle Free Query Handling:

Soon Yoga Trail felt the need of a communication layer in their platform to connect Yoga instructors & Studios with the enthusiasts. This was primarily because Yoga enthusiasts often felt the need to communicate with their instructors for various queries regarding the Asanas. It was also necessary from the point of view of Yoga instructors & studios for making major announcements regarding Class changes, cancellations or Teacher substitutes.

One-to-One Chat between Learners and Instructors:

Yoga Trail realised the need to enable one-to-one chat between learners and instructors, so that learners can get their queries resolved real-time. Yoga Trail needed an easily customizable and highly scalable Chat & Messaging SDK to build 1:1 Chat within their app, such that their Brand identity is retained and also make sure that the backend can support their growing customer base.

Message Broadcasting for major announcements:

Apart from hassle free query resolution, Yoga Trail also required a medium for Instructors and studios to make major announcements to Users regarding Class changes, cancellations etc. Applozic’s Chat SDK perfectly fit the bill as it not only accommodated for 1:1 private conversations, but also had provisions for Message Broadcasting directly from the Admin Dashboard. The open source UI kits made customization a breeze for Yoga Trail and integration took no more than 30 minutes for them.

The following Use Case demnstrates a typical example:

Use Case name:

Yoga Enthusiast trying to resolve his query from his Instructor


  • Yoga Learner
  • Yoga Instructor

The Typical Flow:

  • Yoga Learner sends a message to the instructor requesting him to address his query.
  • The trainer gets a notification about an user trying to reach out to him.
  • All queries and related discussions takes place via one-to-one conversation, between the User and the Trainer.
  • Both the parties can send and receive attachments via chat.
  • This increases Customer satisfaction and thereby increases engagement and retention.
  • The Broadcast Message feature allows trainers to reach out to all Users at once, for major announcements.


The example case shows how utilizing Applozic's highly scalable, fully customizable Chat SDK helps organizations grows. With this white label chat SDK every infomediary portal will see increased engagement and reduced bounce rate. Also, users won’t feel the need to migrate from website to other mode of communication. Applozic’s UI toolkit is open source and customizable, so be rest assured that user look and feel is always intact.