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Zimmber connects customers, vendors and support agents with tripartite messaging

Switching to chat based support reduced incoming support calls and increased agent efficiency.

Zimmber connects customers, vendors and support agents with tripartite messaging

Home services is a tricky affair. We are often plagued with everyday problems that needs a fix. But most of the times, these remain unattended because we are at a short of time to either do it ourselves or find a reliable solution provider. Zimmber is a one stop solution bridging this gap by connecting home service seekers with various vendors. Zimmber operates based on the marketplace model, where various vendors list down their respective services and consumers can directly contact these vendors. Traditionally such interactions happen over voice calls, but Zimmber adopted chat as the preferred mode, for its real-time nature and the results:


Decrease in incoming voice calls

The Challenge

A typical voice call based support mechanism is prone to bottlenecks and delays. This has a major setback on the overall customer experience, as customers these days demand lightening fast responses. Zimmber initially relied on a phone-based support system, where a customer first places request for a service. This then was broadcasted to all service providers, who would then contact the customer to discuss further. The major disadvantage in this approach was the delay between a customer placing a request and the service provider handling it. As a result, incoming support queries were also handled on phone by agents, and then routed to the concerned vendor. This was a major problem as with scale, the number of incoming queries would typically increase and phone calls restricted the agent’s ability to multitask. The need was of a real-time mechanism to facilitate information exchange across various stakeholders.

“With Applozic’s messaging toolkit we could enable tripartite messaging on our app which drastically reduced incoming voice calls allowing our agents to handle larger volumes of support requests.”

- Siddhartha Srivastava, Chief Product Officer - Zimmber

The Solution

We lately had the opportunity to interact with Siddhartha Srivastava, the Chief Product Officer at Zimmber. He went at lengths to help us understand their use case and also the motivation behind making a switch from voice calls to real-time messaging for support. The need as stated above, was to find a workaround to replace voice calls with real-time messaging. Siddhartha mentioned that they wanted the system to be tripartite, accommodating customers, agents and vendors. A customer can message a vendor directly or can drop a message to the support agent, who would then route it to the most relevant vendor.

Siddhartha expressed his exhilaration on noticing instant adoption of this new feature among users, which over time reduced incoming support queries by 25%. As a result support agents had more time to handle larger volumes of incoming queries. He delved deeper to give us a sneak peek into the future plans, wherein he expressed interest to trigger automated messages to customers based on user activity and nearest vendor availability.