Chat for Gaming Apps

Personalize, simplify and scale chat, video and voice messaging between your brand and gamers, on any platform.

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When your gamers interact, chat is everything

Enable your developers to create experiences that keep gamers invested. By streamlining simple chat services — like broadcasting, private and open group messaging, and public cross-platform channels — you can grow your brand more effectively (and quickly) using conversations that drive better engagement.

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Optimize Interactions

In-app chat helps you retain more players, keep them engaged through public and private group chat channels, and improve the gameplay experience

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Cross-Platform Communications

Our flexible messaging APIs and SDKs are programmable for both mobile and desktop use, connecting players effortlessly across multiple platforms

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Suitable For All Gaming Platforms

From massive online multiplayer games on web and mobile,, to eSports and virtual sports on console, and smart TV devices, you can improve chat between all users and behind-the-scenes operators

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Custom & Personalized Messaging

Customize and personalize every conversation, empowering players to connect on a more human level

analytics analytics

Real-Time Insights & Analytics

Track, monitor and assess analytics and valuable data from player interactions across your app, so you can improve your gaming platform in future updates and product launches

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Improve Chat with Voice & Video

Enhance both player-to-player and brand-to-player conversations with high-quality video and voice-calling

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Make Your Chat Communities Safer

Our top-of-the-line security protocols and end-to-end data encryption keep your gaming communities safer than other platforms

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Seamless Chat for Gaming Studios, Platforms & Publishers

Use our complete chat platform to enhance conversations and improve retention, no matter your place in the ever-evolving gaming industry

Start using real-time chat, voice and video in your gaming platform, today

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Are you ready to build an in-app messaging API?

Bring your brand, platform and gamers together with unified chat experiences

It takes more than a stellar game to bring players together (and have them stick around). Improve interactions, make memorable experiences, and enhance conversations of all kinds between players — all while boosting your brand — with the power of advanced messaging APIs and SDKs.



Give your players a fully interactive experience with integrated chat, voice & video messaging

Use interactive chat elements, from push notifications to private and group messaging, to take your player conversations to the next level.

  • Enable 1:1 private and group messaging between player communities to boost social interactions and morale
  • Blazing fast response times keep players happy and invested
  • Smooth, high-quality video and voice creates a more personable environment for gamers, while improving player retention
Interactive experience in gaming app


Focus on growing your brand and improving chat experiences with messaging that scales with you

Access a secure, scalable backend while your players enjoy better conversations across all touchpoints of your gaming platform.

  • Build chat across multiple platforms, from web to mobile apps
  • Scale millions of concurrent chat users through your gaming platform, easily changeable with just a few lines of code. Every chat stream is secure and home to custom data
  • Optimal security and end-to-end data encryption helps keep your platform secure, reliable and easy to work with, giving developers full control over your players’ experiences
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Listen to your gamers better than ever before

Use chat data to generate real-time insights on what’s trending, so you can improve on your games and services.

  • Monitor, track and export your data findings with message retrieval and export APIs
  • Examine chat analytics to better understand your players, and ensure you have the insights you need to improve future performance updates and product changes
  • Real-time insights provide actionable numbers and report summaries for the benefit of your entire team, from marketing to product development
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Use Cases

From focusing solely on internal brand communications, to optimizing player-to-player interactions, we have a use case for any gaming industry type. Including yours.


In-Game Chat ( Players & Players )

Make in-app chat for gamers effortless and enjoyable from all places of interaction. By enforcing cross-platform communications with chat, your players will stay invested in your platform for longer periods of time, while also fostering relationships in their communities.


Support-Based Chat ( Brand & Players )

Provide memorable, simple chat that connects your brand and the gamers you want to impress. Real-time chat streams, along with voice and video messaging, keep gamers and your internal team connected and accessible in real-time.


Fantasy Leagues ( App & Players )

Improve your fantasy sports experience for any and all users with smooth, integratable real-time chat. Deliver large-scale broadcasts and announcements, improve card carousels with live messaging, and make purchasing digital tokens a breeze with interactive chat streams.