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Applozic runs on 20,000+ apps and is home to 10,000+ developers. Our SDKs and APIs are for developers, builders like you who want to integrate Chat, Video, and Voice calling into your applications. We would however save the product pitch for the sales team and the website. Our blog is host to diverse topics, ranging anywhere between Applozic - specific topics, like use-cases & tutorials to mobile and web app development topics as a whole. The guest blogging program is an initiative to welcome developers across the globe to contribute and leverage the Applozic blog platform to share their thoughts and ideas with a wider community.

In general, the Applozic blog covers APIs and how developers can use our product for various use-cases, so your submitted content should be relevant to these topics, few ideas below.

  1. Walkthrough of how to build Chat, Voice, and Video calling apps using Android, iOS or with frontend languages like Javascript frameworks and their respective ecosystems (Angular, Vue, React, React Native, etc), mobile (Android, iOS, Swift, and Flutter) or Elm and ReasonML.
  2. In-depth technical articles about working with messaging, communication protocols like XMPP, MQTT, WebRTC, etc.
  3. Design, interfaces, performance optimization, and other interesting insights about working with WebRTC, etc.
  4. You can also propose other topics, so long as they relate to working with the Web and Mobile development.

We do not publish posts that have appeared elsewhere, and we will check to make sure that the content we publish does not violate any copyright.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to reach an audience of 20,000+ monthly web visitors.
  • A mention in Applozic monthly newsletter being circulated to 100K+ subscribers Company swag (on the cards).
  • Monetary compensation ($100 or more) - to be decided on a case-to-case basis.


  • Fresh & Original Content: Please submit content that has not been published elsewhere before. We won’t be accepting articles for republishing. Also, try to be original and authentic with the content.
  • Topic Relevancy: We cover topics about Applozic and mobile/app development, so please focus on these areas when coming up with topic ideas.
  • Content Structure:
    • Please organize the article by breaking it up into relevant subsections with proper section headings.
    • Our readers love informative and detailed content, so most of our articles are 800+ words. We would be expecting articles of similar length but can make exceptions on a case-to-case basis.
    • Avoid sales, promotion, and articles that are overtly marketing
  • Featured Image and supporting images: Please include section images in the article, wherever necessary. Every submission should have a featured image, which is mandatory for publication. Please ensure that the images are not rights-controlled.
  • Ownership and Syndication:
    • Applozic would own the rights to all the submitted articles and by submitting you agree that we can make changes to the article, in consultation with you.
    • If you are republishing the article elsewhere, please quote Applozic blog as the original source of the article, by putting the statement “This article was originally published on the Applozic blog”.