MagicBricks Uses Real-Time Chat to Improve Lead Generation & Purchase Decision-Making


MagicBricks, Asia’s leading real estate portal, introduced their mobile application that included a list of intuitive features that would hopefully make selling, renting, and buying properties easier for users. Soon, their growing community of over one million users outweighed their current models. Applozic helped them integrate real-time messaging to increase engagement, improve lead generation, and up-level purchase decision-making.


Increase in mobile lead generation

Delighted Applozic

Vidya Nand, Product Leader at MagicBricks Mobile Group, pointed out that users desperately wanted a way to communicate in real-time without having to deal with an intrusive experience, as well as share contact info during early bargains.

MagicBricks is Asia’s leading online retail marketplace for real estate. On top of allowing users to sell, buy, and rent properties through their web and mobile apps, what helps them stand apart from other online real estate marketplaces is their focus on offering listed services -- and directory communications -- for and between stakeholders.


Reducing friction between buyers and sellers through mobile communications

Releasing an advanced mobile app after scaling your online business through web use is a daunting, and expensive, task. In the world of online real estate, the challenges are multiplied.

Through an online portal like MagicBricks, a seller is expected to make a listing; one that will lead to fast conversion rates, and the cash that comes with it. A typical buyer is more likely to converse and engage with their chosen seller before making a purchase.

The team behind MagicBricks knew this immediately, and knew they needed to get their mobile app off the ground without risking friction between buyers and sellers.

The team behind MagicBricks knew this immediately, and knew they needed to get their mobile app off the ground without risking friction between buyers and sellers.


This was a considerable risk to take, considering their massive user base — in addition to several million listed properties — and the fact that they were launching immediately on mobile.

For Puneet Krukeja, Associate Product Head at MagicBricks, referring to these alternatives for mobile messaging was a no-brainer.

While traditional models like phone and SMS did exist, these models were susceptible to data loss, security breaches, and clunky UX.

Puneet and his team determined that they needed a solution that was timely, cost-effective, and would allow them to immediately integrate it into their mobile app without sacrificing user experience.

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Enabling real-time chat between users while up-leveling engagement, lead generation, and purchase decision-making for stakeholders

When Applozic helped implement their chat SDK into MagicBricks’ new mobile app, the changes across iOS and Android were immediate — and more than encouraging for Puneet, Vidya, and their team.

Almost immediately, engagement improved across their mobile interface, and lead generation accelerated by 20%.

The introduction of a real-time comprehensive messaging system was one of the more vital decisions Puneet and team had to make, and it became easy once they were walked through a personalized demo with the Applozic team.

On top of their increase in lead generation, MagicBricks saw multiple opportunities and associated changes that spread all throughout their mobile app:

  • Improved user experience through the updated real-time interface
  • Quick-to-deploy changes that affected all corners of their mobile app at once
  • Introduced non-intrusive chat to both typical buyers and long-time stakeholders
  • Introduced segmented user-targeting to help grow and optimize engagement

Switching to an advanced messaging UI enabled Puneet and his team to accomplish what they would’ve normally settled with through a much more expensive, clunky DIY solution.


Building a robust and intuitive messaging system would have taken a few months. The team at Applozic made integration a breeze and with their messaging platform, we were able to build something quickly that serves our millions of users; it works great, and looks great too.

Happy Applozic Customer
Puneet Kukreja,

Associate Product Head @ MagicBricks


Increased lead generation, smoother communication across a brand new mobile app interface, and better chat experiences between stakeholders

MagicBricks continues to pave the way for online marketplaces in the real estate space, amassing millions of active users and providing powerful chat experiences for buyers, renters, and sellers.

To say they were relieved to outsource a complex messaging solution to Applozic would be an understatement, especially at the launch of their mobile app.


When asked about their progress and the results they’ve seen since then, Vidya remarked that chat continues to remain a mega resource for lead generation for them, especially on mobile.

The new ability to segment targeted users, improve basic search queries (such as price listings and location filtering), and tracking property availability, made it much more efficient for stakeholders to get involved through chat, while also enabling buyers and sellers to engage with interactive content.

Sellers experienced faster conversion rates — and more leads — while buyers now experience real-time messaging makes purchase decisions much more seamless. Additionally, the directory service providers have seen rapid growth and user retention due to the slick and smooth interface experience of the mobile app in its entirety.

Thanks to the plethora of new features they added into their mobile app, Puneet, Vidya, and the remaining masterminds behind MagicBricks experienced engagement and lead generation they wouldn’t have otherwise — all because of real-time chat.

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