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Complete set of Features for a powerful Messaging experience

One-to-One Chat

Group Chat

Push Notifications

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Cross Platform

Chat UI Components for a delightful messaging experience

  • Embed custom messaging in your application and allow users to chat with fellow users securely within your app
  • Allow users to track message delivery status
  • Show message delivery time stamps
  • Provision to display message read receipts
  • Real-time typing indicator from sender to increase engagement
  • Display the user's online/offline status and "last seen at" time
  • End-to-end encryption ensures privacy and security
Chat UI built using Applozic Chat SDK
Applozic Fullview Plugin
Chat UI built using Applozic Chat SDK

Available across platforms to empower chat in all your websites and apps

  • Easily integrate chat in all your websites and apps
  • Fully customizable website integration for your websites
  • Make the chat your own with powerful and customizable Android and iOS SDKs
  • Customizable and UX-rich chat UI kits for Android and iOS
  • SDKs available for major hybrid platforms such as Ionic, Xamarin and React Native
  • Support docs for all platform to help you integrate feaster and with ease

Chat Bot integration for chat-based support & transactions

  • Send personalized answers to all User questions directly on chat
  • Address all support queries automatically on a real-time basis, boosting user loyalty and retention
  • Make personalized recommendations based on user input, directly on chat
  • Send tracking and status reports on chat
  • Option for concierge travel booking and automated bookings
  • Send transactional in-app messages, trigerred directly from specific in-app events
  • Integrates with all bot builder platforms

Integrate your favorite tools with Applozic

Discover apps to help you and your customers make the most out of chat

Facilitate audio and video calls along with chat using Twilio’s leading cloud communication platform.
Pushy Logo
Improve the delivery rate and speed of your push notifications using Pushy’s delivery services.
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Bring the power of SMS to make communication better with easily integrable Plivo SMS APIs.
Never let your users miss out on conversations by using prompt email fallback services.
Leverage the power of automation by integrating and using smart bots in your chat platform.

Powerful moderation tools for spam flood protection

  • Use custom dictionary to automatically filter profanity to ensure a clean conversation
  • Prevent message flooding and spamming
  • Manage users from admin dashboard
  • Add or remove users from chat groups at user level
  • Deactivate or block specific users
Moderation tools