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Extensible Chat Features

Everything you need to embed full-featured chat in your mobile and web app

1 Build and Customize
Easily customize SDKs as per your requirements
2 Embed in your app
We will handle everything from servers to scaling
3 Start Chatting
Engage users with real-time in-app chat

Chat essentials for all your in-app messaging needs

One-to-one chat

Let users send direct messages to other users in your application

Group Chat

Create public and private groups with simple authentication mechanism

Rich Messaging

Supports multimedia messages, attachments, carousels, buttons and more

Real-time Elements

Online Status, Typing Indicator and Read Receipts for real-time feedback

Push Notifications

Notify users of new messages when the app is running in the background

Real-time Storage

All message history is stored on cloud automatically for anytime access

Security & Moderation to protect your business and data

Advanced Encryption
Encryption both at rest and motion prevents your data from unwanted eavesdropping.
Security & Authentication
Multi-level authentication so that you have the confidence to move data to the cloud.
User Roles
Set and update access rights for users with specific permissions for different roles.
Moderation Controls
Programmatically manage conversations to maintain chatroom decorum.

Build the in-app messaging experience, that is right for your business

In app messaging feature
On-Demand Economy
Delight users by letting them get in touch with their drivers, delivery people, handymen etc without having to leave your app.
In app messaging feature
Buyer-Seller Chat
Enable consumers to ask questions and coordinate transactions with sellers/agents in the context of their listings.
In app messaging feature
Customer Support
Solve user queries faster by allowing them to chat with sales and support agents from your app and website
In app messaging feature
Doctor-Patient Chat
Improve treatment efficacy with real-time doctor-patient chat for remote consultation and patient care.
In app messaging feature
Teacher-Student Chat
Allow students to connect with teachers to get live help with tough problems or engage in group discussions with other students.
In app messaging feature
Video Streaming Chat
Bring your live audience together so that they can comment on your stream to rejoice and mourn with fellow viewers.

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